Why a Sound Bar Might Be Better than a Surround Sound System for Your TV Screen

Advanced audio is an underappreciated aspect of any viewing experience, whether it’s watching a movie, a sports game, or enjoying a video game. The meticulous delivery of sound’s appreciated by those who have an ear for it. When it’s spot-on, we don’t really notice. Once you’ve heard excellent quality audio though, it’s hard to forget it.

For years, it was all about 5.1 channel surround sound speakers. For luxury, passionate home theater lovers, this was the optimum sound they could achieve. In this audio setup, they could enjoy character dialogue in movies, the roar of the crowd in a sports game, and take in smartly designed audio sounds of things like rain, wind, and other environmental delights. These days though, audio’s gone somewhere new and that’s sound bars.

A sound bar is a single product. It’s a long bar, similar to a piece of wood. It hangs mounted underneath your flat-screen and projects sound all around the room. For a lot of flat-screen owners, they’re choosing a sound bar over a surround sound speaker system. One of the biggest reasons is that it’s space-saving. You don’t need a speaker stand or speaker mount to hang speakers on. All you need is a mount to get your sound bar on the wall and then, you’re good!

Contrary to how it may appear as well, a high quality sound bar isn’t sacrificing any audio quality. Using advanced algorithms in design, a sound bar delivers sound to all over the room with ease. Is it surround sound? Not really. Because it’s a single speaker design, there’s nothing surround about it. However working within the confines of non-surround audio, the actual quality is still absurdly high and something everyone can appreciate.

Another huge benefit is that a lot of these designs are Bluetooth enabled. When you have a Bluetooth home theater sound bar, you can easily sync up devices like a smartphone to broadcast podcasts, music, and more. Instantly, you transcend from an average home entertainment setup to something you can use around the house with many different devices. Believe us when we say that after you have a Bluetooth setup, you’ll find it hard to ever imagine things were different.

If you’re in a small condo or apartment and need to maximize space, are looking for a change from your current home theater audio setup, or simply want more functionality to your entertainment and media consumption habits at home, check out a Bluetooth sound bar.You’re missing out, right now. Did you know PrimeCables’ Home Theater Month is providing discounts and deals all September long? Find exclusives on both sound bars and surround sound speakers for a limited time only. With only days left, pick up yours right here, right now.

4 Ergonomic Office Accessories Every Person working from Home Needs

Every Canadian working from home doesn’t just need an Internet connection to get their work done. Ergonomic office accessories can make a tremendous difference in their productivity, interest in their work, and level of comfort. Although working from home is a joy, it comes with its fair share of caveats as well. Here’s how to use office accessories to get around some of the working-from-home difficulties.

sit stand desk [price might be varies due to promotion timeframe]

Ergonomic office chair

An ergonomic office chair makes it easy to remain at a desk for up to eight hours or more. An uncomfortable office chair will not only be a thorn in your side but it’ll kill your productivity while giving your back major troubles in the long-term. Ergonomic chairs are designed to support a person’s posture while sitting, ensuring you don’t feel the same stresses on your body by sitting across long periods of time.

Ergonomic sit-standing desk

An ergonomic sit-standing desk establishes a dedicated workspace for you that isn’t the kitchen table. Too many people settle for working in spaces that aren’t strictly for working. This breaks down on focus and exposes them to distraction. Do yourself a favor and purchase dedicated ergonomic height adjustable sit-standing desk as a perfect match to your chair to ensure your body’s well taken care of and your focus is maintained on what’s most important.

Ergonomic lighting

Lighting is an underrated element of a home office work setup. The average home worker tends to work long hours which means lighting can certainly play a role in things like eye strain and productivity. Choosing the right LED bulb and ensuring there’s no color distortion is key. When combined with the right ergonomic office accessories, lighting will allow a worker to remain productive long into the night.


An underrated element of the home office are charging cables. Whether it’s for your computer, smartphone, tablet, music playing device, or anything else, you want to ensure you have all the USB cables, ergonomic office cables, HDMI cables, headphone cables, and/or laptop cables. Charging docks and similar elements can also make it easy to keep your devices charged.

For all these ergonomic essentials for a home office, visit PrimeCables. Believe us when we say it will make keeping a calendar and staying productive so much easier. Personalize your home office with the chair you want and the desk you want, and surround yourself with everything you need to keep focus without sacrifice your body’s comfort. Touch base with PrimeCables today.

4 ways to Maximize your 4K TV Viewing with a TV Wall Mount

To get the most out of your 4K TV, one of the things that works best is buying a TV wall mount. If you’ve recently bought your very first 4K TV, that’s awesome news. Be sure to set aside some money to give it everything it needs to look great and maximize the home entertainment experience. With any luck, a TV wall mount will work to bring your family even more joy and entertainment in the years ahead.


Setting up your 4K TV

Using a TV wall mount, you want to be careful where you set up your 4K TV as to minimize light glare, as well as to consider the arrangement of sofas, furniture, and doorways. Should you choose to purchase a TV wall mount with tilt included, this can help combat reflections of light from your windows or emanating from lamps or light fixtures. If you don’t have a tilt, you want to be more careful regarding where to place your TV and against what wall.

PrimeCables tv wall mount
PrimeCables tv wall mount

Now it’s cable-time for your 4K TV

After your TV has been properly mounted and set up, now you’ve got to connect your devices and any associated cables. Consider upgrading your HDMI cables while you’re here, ensuring they’re capable of 4K signals. Whether you’re connecting a satellite box, Blu-ray player, media streaming device, soundbar, or surround sound system, trying to figure out how these cables are supposed to work together may require a cable organizer.


Calibrating and testing everything


After your flat-screen is firmly placed in a TV wall mount and once you have your devices connected, it’s now time to test everything and calibrate your contrast, color, brightness, and color temperature. Especially with a 4K TV, you want to make sure you’re getting everything out of its picture. If there’s a setup disc or should you choose to rely on your eye to calibrate, the important thing is taking the time to get its’ settings just right.


Connecting your soundbar or speakers


The last thing that should come after your 4K TV and TV wall mount is a good set of speakers. 4K TVs get you great picture quality but they don’t promise anything about sound. Consider a multimedia speaker set, a surround sound speaker set, or a Bluetooth soundbar to really give your 4K TV everything it needs to be optimum as a home theater source.


Before you sit down for your next binge-watching marathon, help your home theater system perform just a little better with a more theatrical setup. Absorb yourself into your home entertainment system with these easy-to-do, cost-effective tips.

Time to Buy a Sound Bar with Subwoofers for under $200 before the Christmas TV Sales Arrive!

For any household looking for true and blue surround sound, buying a soundbar and subwoofer set is the easiest and most inexpensive way to achieve it. Before you decide on buying a new TV for Christmas, take into account what you’ll need to upgrade your sound.


PrimeCables’ Bluetooth soundbar with wired subwoofer comes with Bluetooth capability in a 2.1 channel design. The 3.5mm auxiliary input is perfect for Androids, Samsungs, iPhones, iPads, Huawei smartphones, TVs, DVD players, and more.


PrimeCables sound bar with subwoofers
PrimeCables sound bar with subwoofers


Though you can shop similar products in-store in corporate retail, you’ll find a lot of them are overpriced and do not match this one in terms of value-to-price ratio. For only $99.99 w/ free shipping to anywhere in Canada included, you won’t be sorry you jumped on this Christmas deal. Enjoy multiple input options, a supreme bass experience courtesy of its high quality subwoofer unit, a modern slim design ensuring it can be easily fit almost anywhere in the home, and a fully functioning remote included.


Browsing the home theater Christmas 2018 deals at PrimeCables, you’ll see similar sales on products including the 6.5” 2-way frameless ceiling speakers for $59.99, the 12-inch 150-watt powered subwoofer for $218.99, the 200-watt Class D Bluetooth aptX speaker amplifier for $99.99, and the 5-inch powered studio multimedia monitor speakers for $349.99.


Needless to say, if you’re looking for some high quality sound products to enhance your audio experience, you’ve got some options. Slashing the prices just in time for Christmas, enjoy discounts up to 70 percent on select products.


Are you in the market for a TV as well – no worries! You may want to consider picking one up through PrimeCables as well. We have an absolutely gorgeous 32” HD LED TV 720p for $149.99 and an amazing 43” LCD panel television 1080p for $297.99. Depending on the size and intention of your home theater system, either of these might be an appropriate recommendation.


Any time you shop with PrimeCables, know you’re getting the best deal on the best quality product out there. Build for yourself a great home theater system, complete with a room-filling audio experience.


A movie theater-level experience awaits. Combine it with the right home theater accessories and you’ll have a winning mix of elements on your hands. Don’t forget about this product’s Bluetooth connectivity either. This makes it easy to stream music from one’s smartphones, tablets, and laptops as needed. Jump in on this Christmas 2018 home theater deal available exclusively from PrimeCables today.

Get Home Theater Essentials with our PrimeCables Sound Bar System

Home theater essentials include many things, like TVs, wall mounts, cables, adapters, amplifiers, sound systems, speakers, projectors, media streaming devices, and so much more. As one of Canada’s top home theater eCommerce sites, PrimeCables has everything you’d ever need to build the ultimate home theater entertainment center for you and your family.


This upcoming September, it’s our special home theater sale month. For September only, enjoy several amazing deals on everything from entry-level electronics to some of the most advanced home theater accessories in Canada. PrimeCables has hundreds of products that would suit any household looking for a home theater upgrade.

Bluetooth speaker mount
Bluetooth speaker mount

One of the top home theater essentials on PrimeCables’ list is a stereo Bluetooth soundbar. Plug in everything from your TV or projector to the iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, DVD player, and more. Whether you’re familiar with a Bluetooth soundbar or not, they are a great option for anyone seeking a minimalist speaker setup with strong power behind it. Though it’s a subtle addition to the home theater setup, you’ll definitely know it’s there when you turn it on.


Buy the Stereo Sound Bar Bluetooth 2.0 Wired and Wireless Speaker 30 Inches – PrimeCables® today for only $56.99. Featuring multiple input option, a fully functioning remote included, superior sound quality, and modern, contemporary, slim design, set it up just underneath your screen. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a surround sound system, choose a Bluetooth soundbar and enjoy the same high quality sound experience without going all out.


At this price point, normally, the types of speaker systems you’ll find are pretty basic and don’t give the quality of sound so many of us strive for. Regarding this Bluetooth soundbar, we know you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you hear it. It’s not going to break the bank and its distinguishing features make it well worth a purchase. Though you can find more expensive models, bigger models, and more industrial designs, all things considered, this is a high quality product that has won many fans among those seeking an advanced home theater accessories setup. Also, any time you shop with PrimeCables, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada, free returns, and a 1-year product guarantee.


Browse numerous home theater essentials on discount for PrimeCables’ big home theater sale month this September. Enjoy exclusives and promotions, with some prices marked down by as much as 70 percent off. Shop PrimeCables today for deals on this Bluetooth soundbar speaker and more.

Choose this Bluetooth Stereo Soundbar to equip your TV with the Ultimate Sound Setup

Choosing to upgrade your TV speakers is not always as easy as it sounds. Not only are TV speakers super expensive but it can be challenging finding the right aesthetic balance. If you’ve upgraded your high-definition TV recently and/or are thinking about getting a good-sized screen, a stereo Bluetooth soundbar might be the perfect way to accent it.


Imagine having a sound setup small and lightweight enough to install anywhere in the room. Imagine being able to plug in everything from your TV to your iPhone, iPad, smartphone, and DVD player. That’s what a stereo Bluetooth soundbar is designed to accommodate. If you’ve been craving something better, we’re confident you’ll have a blast listening to anything and everything on this hardware. A stereo Bluetooth soundbar is optimized for a home entertainment setup and when you purchase today from PrimeCables, receive a wired subwoofer included as well!


The Stereo Bluetooth Sound Bar with Wired Subwoofer 2.1CH – PrimeCables® for $59.99 is on-sale in a limited quantity and is a tough deal to pass on. As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce companies, PrimeCables provides free shipping on this product to anywhere in Canada. Included in this stereo Bluetooth soundbar is wireless Bluetooth input for any digital device, multiple input options, remote included, subwoofer unit included for a heightened bass sound, and superior, modern slim sound quality.


If you’re going to buy a new set of speakers or a soundbar like this, the main reasoning would be to elevate the sound experience in the room. Though a TV may come with its own sound experience, it doesn’t compare to a Bluetooth soundbar like this. Aesthetically pleasing, you’ll be amazed by how much sound it spreads across the room. Enjoy enhanced dialogue and crystal clear audio from wherever you might be in the room. Superior to other models at this price point, the Bluetooth soundbar is a full-sized, full-ranged deep bass model that is perfect for home theater application.


Finally get the audio experience you’ve always wanted for your TVs and movies. No more missing dialogue or adjusting audio throughout the movie. The Bluetooth stereo soundbar doesn’t complicate things. Instead of paying upwards of $200-$300 or above, this exclusive Bluetooth soundbar comes in hot for under $60!


High quality sound is only a click away when you shop with PrimeCables. Enjoy exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions. Limited-time sales are just a buy away. Buy this dialogue-enhancing television-perfect Bluetooth stereo soundbar and tap into bigger, more dramatic sound instantly

Get the best Bluetooth speaker bar deals wth free shipping!

Bluetooth speaker sound bars are great for home theatre setups, outdoor entertainment, and portable sound system solutions. PrimeCables.ca is home to the best sound bar deals in Canada.

Primecables bluetooth speaker sound bar
Primecables bluetooth speaker sound bar

Right now through PrimeCables, you can score this Stereo Bluetooth Sound Bar with Wired 2.1CH Subwoofer for just $99.99, a deal complete with free shipping anywhere in the country.


Connect wirelessly to your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, laptop, PC, TV, media players and mobile devices and enjoy its delivery of superior sound quality. If you’re hosting a party or spending a day at the beach, you can hook up the everybody’s devices with the 3.5mm auxiliary audio port, optical Toslink, USB or SD card.

primecables sound bar with subwoofer
primecables sound bar with subwoofer

It’s simple to set up and install, as a wallmount, on top of your TV stand or as a shelved speaker.


Perfect for home theatres, this 900mm-length speaker bar and subwoofer combo comes with a remote control included for you to easily adjust sound for TV shows, movies, and online videos from the comfort of your sofa. The subwoofer guarantees to fill the room with rich sound and provide you with an immersive audio experience for every movie night, TV marathon or binge watching, or just watching a show with family and friends.


Get it for cheaper by getting the standalone sound bar, without the subwoofer, on sale for just $56.99. Or upgrade your order by adding the Universal Sound Bar Speaker Bracket and mount your new sound bar anywhere in your home theatre, home office or workspace, by attaching it to your display wall mounting hardware, for just $9.99.


If you’re considering making your first ever investment into building a home theatre or entertainment centre, there’s plenty of deals with PrimeCables during our home theatre month.


Shop around online between May 28 and June 3, and see all our deals on Speakers and Amplifiers. If a sound bar isn’t adequate for your audio entertainment needs, then check out our Bluetooth-enabled amps and bookshelf-style speakers. June 4 to June 10, return to PrimeCables.ca and scoop up a projector on the cheap, to completely deck out your brand new home theatre.


All orders $49 and up come with free shipping to anywhere in Canada; and with two warehouses, one in Montreal and one in Vancouver, you can order now and expect your purchase to arrive in just a day or two, with fast shipping available for just $5.95! For the best deals on home theatre, audio entertainment, and electronics accessories, visit PrimeCables.ca today!