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Why a Sound Bar Might Be Better than a Surround Sound System for Your TV Screen

Advanced audio is an underappreciated aspect of any viewing experience, whether it’s watching a movie, a sports game, or enjoying a video game. The meticulous delivery of sound’s appreciated by those who have an ear for it. When it’s spot-on, we don’t really notice. Once you’ve heard excellent quality audio though, it’s hard to forget it. For years, it was…

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4 Ergonomic Office Accessories Every Person working from Home Needs

Every Canadian working from home doesn’t just need an Internet connection to get their work done. Ergonomic office accessories can make a tremendous difference in their productivity, interest in their work, and level of comfort. Although working from home is a joy, it comes with its fair share of caveats as well. Here’s how to use office accessories to get…

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4 ways to Maximize your 4K TV Viewing with a TV Wall Mount

To get the most out of your 4K TV, one of the things that works best is buying a TV wall mount. If you’ve recently bought your very first 4K TV, that’s awesome news. Be sure to set aside some money to give it everything it needs to look great and maximize the home entertainment experience. With any luck, a…

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Time to Buy a Sound Bar with Subwoofers for under $200 before the Christmas TV Sales Arrive!

For any household looking for true and blue surround sound, buying a soundbar and subwoofer set is the easiest and most inexpensive way to achieve it. Before you decide on buying a new TV for Christmas, take into account what you’ll need to upgrade your sound.   PrimeCables’ Bluetooth soundbar with wired subwoofer comes with Bluetooth capability in a 2.1…

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Get Home Theater Essentials with our PrimeCables Sound Bar System

Home theater essentials include many things, like TVs, wall mounts, cables, adapters, amplifiers, sound systems, speakers, projectors, media streaming devices, and so much more. As one of Canada’s top home theater eCommerce sites, PrimeCables has everything you’d ever need to build the ultimate home theater entertainment center for you and your family.   This upcoming September, it’s our special home…

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Choose this Bluetooth Stereo Soundbar to equip your TV with the Ultimate Sound Setup

Choosing to upgrade your TV speakers is not always as easy as it sounds. Not only are TV speakers super expensive but it can be challenging finding the right aesthetic balance. If you’ve upgraded your high-definition TV recently and/or are thinking about getting a good-sized screen, a stereo Bluetooth soundbar might be the perfect way to accent it.   Imagine…

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Get the best Bluetooth speaker bar deals wth free shipping!

Bluetooth speaker sound bars are great for home theatre setups, outdoor entertainment, and portable sound system solutions. is home to the best sound bar deals in Canada. Right now through PrimeCables, you can score this Stereo Bluetooth Sound Bar with Wired 2.1CH Subwoofer for just $99.99, a deal complete with free shipping anywhere in the country.   Connect wirelessly…

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