Introducing Amazing Home Theater Speaker and Subwoofer Options from PrimeCables!

Are you looking for a set of high quality home theater speaker systems – check out PrimeCables.


As important as video is to creating the ultimate home theater setup, audio is equally important. For as much money as we spend on our screens though, sadly, there’s usually not a whole lot left over for speakers, a subwoofer, and/or an A/V receiver. That’s why more Canadians have come to PrimeCables. Shopping the latest deals, discounts, and sales on home theater accessories, speaker sets are available for under $100 and sometimes much, much lower.


Through PrimeCables, please feel encouraged to browse more than three dozen home theater speaker systems, surround sound systems, soundbars, and subwoofers.


Do you need a set of height adjustable speaker stands – we have a set fitting rear installation surround sound speakers for $19.99. Are you looking for high performance bookshelf speakers to take your home theater audio arrangement to the next level – we have a pair for only $39.99. Are you looking for something more advanced and with Bluetooth compatibility – the official PrimeCables Bluetooth stereo soundbar is available for $56.99. Needless to say, there are several options to potentially consider for your home theater system.

If you’re looking for home theater accessories that you can combine together to create an even more ultimate audio experience, many Canadians favor this option as it gives one the freedom to customize.


Browse home theater accessories such as a 30-watt mini amplifier dual channel for digital for $43.99, a two-way frameless ceiling speaker pair for $59.99, a tube amp with Bluetooth 25-watts stereo hybrid for $169.99, a 200 watt Class D Bluetooth aptX speaker amplifier for $99.99, or caliber in-wall speakers eight-inch fiber three-way pair for $155.99.

There’s no shortage of ways to customize according to the speaker preferences you have and the space you’re working with. Keep in mind that when you shop with PrimeCables, any order above $49 receives fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada.

Looking through ‘Best Buy deals’, ‘Walmart deals’, and other sources of home theater accessories, it’s easy to see how some theater speakers can end up costing $1,000s if you don’t know where to look. When you shop with PrimeCables for your speaker systems and subwoofer, you’ll be receiving the lowest price in Canada. Receive the same high quality products available in corporate retail at a fraction of the cost.

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