Get the best Gaming Monitor for your Battle Station!

A gaming monitor is essential for professional play since high definition and low response times improve your ability to see what’s going on and react quicker, and we have the perfect 27” monitor for you. Right now, you can get the best monitor for gamers on


The PrimeCables® 27” Flatscreen Desktop Gaming Monitor with FreeSync™ is available for pre-order, at just $399.99. This 4K, ultra slim bezel aluminum display features Ultra HD 4K resolution, 2ms response time, as well as support for AMD FreeSync™ technology, giving you access to the Overdrive option which prevents video tearing and stuttering by improving the frame rate through your graphics card, instead of through the display.

Desktop monitor mount
Desktop monitor mount

Equipped with a fixed base, you can install The PrimeCables® 27” Flatscreen Desktop Gaming Monitor on the desk of your gaming computer setup or mount it with one of our many desktop monitor gas spring mounting arms. We recommend the PrimeCables® Ergonomic Monitor Desk Mount with adjustable Gas Spring for 17″-30″ LCD monitors, on sale now until August 14 for just $49.99.


If you enjoy watching 4K videos, this monitor is perfect for wall mounting in your living room, rec room, or bedroom, with 2 HDMI ports and 2 DisplayPorts, giving you the option to switch between your personal computer and your media center or gaming console using the same display. There’s also an audio out/headphone port, so you can enjoy video games using your favourite peripherals.


You’ve built your gaming rig, you picked out the best video card, RAM, motherboard, and case. Now it’s time to upgrade your monitor, to complete your professional video gaming setup.


The PrimeCables® 27” Flatscreen Desktop Gaming Monitor features 1080P, 8.3 million pixels, 1.07 billion colour reproduction, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 3480 x 2160 maximum resolution, and top-of-the-line IPS Glass Panel display. The 2ms response time, possible thanks to AMD FreeSync™ technology, 60Hz refresh rate, and high resolution give you the ultimate visual immersion for FPS, MMORPGs, and whatever else you might play.


Whenever you spend $49 or more with PrimeCables, your order is eligible for free shipping nationwide. We have warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so whether you’re ordering from Iqaluit or Edmonton, you’ll get what you need quickly. If you’d like, you can always add fast shipping to any item for just $5.95 and get it delivered in just a couple of days.


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