Smart Home Accessories to make your Home Theater Experience even more Impressive!

Smart home accessories continue to make their way into the home theater spaces of many households. For many, smart home products may still be relatively new. If you’re just getting involved with smart home accessories though, it might not hurt to consider how they may impact or possibly integrate into your existing media entertainment space.


As technology has advanced over the years, thankfully, it’s meant there’s a lot more one can pack into a small space. If you know how to work it, you can completely re-design your home theater space and do so on a small budget. In many cases, smart home accessories can add a lot to one’s media viewing setting, enhancing the way you consume things like movies, TV, sports, concerts, and more. Below are a few of the smart accessories applicable to home theaters.


Smart switches to control lighting


Adding smart home switches to control lighting is an inexpensive way to get more control over your media environment. Imagine being able to control your lights from your smartphone, dimming them as you wish. If you have a more advanced lighting configuration in your home theater system, such as those with color or multiple lights, smart light switches hold high value.


Smart plugs to control power


Smart plugs can also provide heavy value to one’s home theater system. That is, smart plugs can be used in tandem with smart light switches to create different scenes in the room. Use your imagination to design and/or automate scenes depending on what you’re watching. Set timers as well to dim or cut power according to how you see your day/night going.


An in-wall touch screen control


The popularization of iPads and tablets have meant some households integrating them in-wall. Though not every household may be comfortable with this level of home automation, for those that are, it can create a more dynamic, customizable environment.


Smart locks


Smart locks are more for security purposes than full-on integration into your home theater experience. If you’re worried about your home’s security or the security of all the expensive gear you may be holding in your home theater setup, consider a smart lock. This way, only those authorized will have the digital key required to access your home media room.


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