Canada’s Top Cheap Home Theater TVs from PrimeCables – read the Product Reviews

The ridiculously cheap yet high quality home theater accessories for black friday at PrimeCables available for Home Theater Month are in limited quantity. If you’re looking for a cheap home theater TV in Canada, get ready because your home theater experience is about to get all the more affordable.


Complete with free shipping to anywhere in Canada, buy the 43” PrimeCables FHD LED TV with three HDMI inputs for only $297.99. Cut down at a big discount, the display comes with 1080p resolution, a 60Hz refresh rate with smooth picture and reduced motion blue, and dual 8W speakers for enhanced audio experience. A relatively new addition to the catalogue, this large TV has received 4-5 star reviews across the board!


If you’re really involved in gaming and/or are looking for a curved monitor, consider the 27” curved monitor with 1080p and super thin aluminum frame for $299.99. Like we said, this is a gaming monitor but it can double for home theater viewing as well and comes complete with a mountable design. With multiple input options, it’s also extremely customizable with what you can plug in.


If it’s a smaller bedroom or condo home theater TV you’re looking for, the free-shipping-included PrimeCables 32” HD LED TV with IPS, LCD, panel bedroom with 720p. For only $149.99, this is a cheap easy TV with high-definition capability to throw into a small to medium sized setup. Complete with a 60Hz refresh rate, dual 7W speakers with enhanced audio, and three HDMI outputs, this is also one that can be mounted and customized according to your needs.


There are plenty of other cheap home theater accessories outside of the TV category to browse as well, including TV wall mounts, TV stands, high-definition TV antennas for both indoor and outdoor, media streaming devices, projectors, projector accessories, speaker systems, pro audio equipment, A/V cables, A/V receivers, smart home accessories, and more.


For the best image quality on your TV, it’s easy to chase after that spending $1,000s in Canada. If you have the budget to do it, all the more reason to go for it. For households like ours though, we’re generally searching for the best deals on home theater TVs more than anything else.


Receive high quality flat-screen images in high-definition at record low prices. Thanks to its many features and the advantages of buying in bulk through Canada’s favourite home theater eCommerce source, PrimeCables is the place to shop!

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