PrimeCables Surge Protector with Smart Power on our Site with Full Stock

Surge protectors are something everybody needs, to protect their electronics, appliances, and more. Choosing one out can be a hassle though. Sure, you can grab a basic model at a local retail store but you’re not necessarily getting the right one for what you need it for. After all, assuming you’re buying a surge protector to protect electronics or appliances of some kind, it’s an important decision to make.

PrimeCables knows our way around a surge protector. After all, we sell all kinds of cables, adapters, electronics, TVs, home theater systems, and more. These devices warrant some protection. That’s where surge protectors come into play. If you’re shopping a surge protector, we have quite a few models in our catalogue although we do admittedly have our favourites. When buying other electronics, it makes sense to add a surge protector with smart power on top.

There’s our 6-outlet surge protector which comes equipped with two USB ports and which is 2-metres long. This is an easy purchase for anyone who has multiple devices to plug in and electronics to protect. It uses a 15Amp circuit breaker, has grounded indicators, and has a built-in wall mounting feature which makes it easy to mount alongside a TV, speakers, or other home theater products.

Let’s say you need more than six outlets – no problem. You’ll also find our heavy-duty 12-outlet surge protector with comes in a 3-foot cord encasing and with 125 volts. This model is most commonly used in office environments requiring a lot of grounded outlets. This multi-outlet surge protector has concealed slots for easy hanging, a built-in circuit breaker, small plates to affix it to a wall, and comes in a high quality aluminum build.

As you’ll find in the PrimeCables catalogue, Canada’s best surge protectors are about more than simply protecting electrical devices, although this is highly important. USB connections, smart outlets, and more are highly valued. If you’re interested in designing your own smart home, you can with some of our wall outlets. Alternatively, if you want more USB connections, we have that as well. It’s all about the sort of needs you have in the home. All of this is available at entirely affordable pricing. You don’t need to overspend on a high quality surge protector.

You’re in luck. This June, PrimeCables 2019 Birthday Sale is going to discount our surge protectors even further. Save big this June and choose your favourite electronics from Canada’s own PrimeCables.

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