The Best Monitor Mounts in 2021

Designing a high-performance workspace that’s flexible and productivity-driven involves a monitor mount. Elevating your monitor to an optimized height, you save on space and make ergonomics a priority. Here are the best monitor mounts in 2021 to get your monitor in perfect positioning.

Single Monitor Desk Mount on Articulating Stand

For the most affordable, best price monitor mount in 2021, check out this single monitor desk mount for under $20.

Though simple in its functionality, you can set it to a desired height and modify the angle left to right. Once in place, you are good to go.

Heavy-Duty Single Monitor Desk Mount

This is a height-adjustable heavy-duty monitor desk mount. It’s high-quality, cheaply priced, and easy.

Though some monitor mounts on this list have tilts and added functionality, this mount is almost singularly defined by its raising-and-lowering mechanism. If you’re limited by budget, this might be all you need.

Gas Spring Monitor Desk Mount

A gas spring monitor mount provides smooth full-range motion in a way that other mounts don’t.

When you need to reposition your monitor depending on the activity, such as if you use your workstation for multiple uses, a gas spring full-motion mount may be worth it. That said, it does come down to your work needs and what’s vital to your day-to-day.

Heavy-Duty Full-Motion Dual Monitor Desk Mount

If you’re working with more than one monitor, you can buy multiple individual monitor mounts. Sure, that works.

To simplify things though, a full-motion dual-monitor desk mount can hold two monitors at the same time. For added functionality, choosing a gas-spring dual monitor mount is recommended although you’re adding a lot on cost when you go gas-spring over standard mount.

What Monitor Mount in 2021 Should I Buy?

Your workstation is ultimately yours to figure out. You may already have the perfect work setup and don’t want to mess with it too much. A single monitor mount that’s very basic may be all you need to complete the look.

Of course, there are others with makeshift work-from-home desks that are supremely cluttered. Especially if you’re using more than one monitor, you may want to redesign the area with the mount at the center of your new workstation.

It also is worth it to mention that they make three-monitor mounts, four-monitor mounts, and six-monitor mounts if you really want to design a massive collection of monitors. For graphic artists, musicians, filmmakers, creative types, and others, two or more monitors may make a lot of sense.

Check out on-sale monitor mounts at this season and pick up what you need. Working from home isn’t fun unless you invest a little in crafting a space that’s yours. Find ways to maximize your productivity. Orient your monitors in the correct configuration and at the correct height.

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