How To Get Better Reception On Your TV Antenna In Canada – Read Here!

Get the best reception possible for your TV antenna. Do this by experimenting, scanning, adjusting, scanning again, and knowing where the towers are that you’re aiming for. Here are all the tips and tricks that come with buying a TV antenna in Canada and how to get the most free HD channels.

Find Your Transmission Tower

Signals are broadcast from a transmission tower. There are towers located all across Canada. Discover where yours are and where you are situated in relation to it. You want to angle towards your transmission tower.

You can find your transmission tower either online through an antenna locator website or a smartphone app that does the same.

How Far Does Yours Reach?

TV antennas are not one-size-fits-all in reach. They all extend to different distances. A 30-mile range is quite common.

There are also 60-mile ranges which are the antennas you ideally will want. They’re the standard in long-range indoor and outdoor HDTV antennas.

People obsessed with maximizing their reach may choose to go with a 100-mile range or try to extend themselves through other means to nab signals even further out.

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Experiment With Different Angles

Things can get in the way. Trees. Buildings. Even our home’s own construction can cause deflection or outright block signals.

Do some experimenting by adjusting your TV antenna’s position and re-scanning to see what channels you nab. You may have to angle it slightly away from a transmission tower to pick up on the most channels you can. This isn’t typical but it does happen depending on if you’re in a basement, at ground level, or high up.

Buy A Better HDTV Antenna

If you live in a major city, you probably don’t need much more than an indoor HDTV antenna.

That said, there are also outdoor TV antennas out there and typically they are the go-to for maximum signal reception. If you aren’t satisfied with what you’re receiving, despite all your efforts, try a better antenna and see where you end up.

The Higher The Antenna, The Better The Reception

This is why outdoor TV antennas are used more often than indoor TV antennas. They are placed higher and are associated with better quality signals. This doesn’t mean, however, that indoor antennas don’t get great quality pictures. They can and often do.

Use A Signal Booster

A signal booster is a gadget you can buy that helps extend your HDTV antennas capabilities. They increase the signal from your antenna to your television tuner, helping to clear up low-quality pictures.

Shop high-quality TV antennas on sale in Canada at and never have to pay for cable again! Enjoy free over-the-air TV whenever you want it! You will find if you work at it, a number of free TV signals are ready to be picked up any time. Adjust and experiment.

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