Here is the HDTV Antenna Basic that you Should Know About

Imagine a basic HDTV antenna for under $6 from an established Canadian-made brand. That’s what you get when you browse the pages of PrimeCables. In our catalogue, you’ll find an amazing HDTV antenna which easily stands up as one of the best in Canada.


So what makes it special – well, it’s flat, super thin and easily concealed if you don’t want it on public display. The price is also right, at under-$6. The basic HDTV antenna will pick up FM, VHF, and UHF signals, all free over-the-air and in high-definition full HD quality. The installation is also fast and easy. Unwrap it, plug it in, and scan for channels. Within minutes, you’ll have anywhere from a few channels to 20 or more.


Let’s say you want to take things a little further though. Maybe you want an outdoor HDTV antenna, further range to receive more channels, or a different antenna setup. That’s understandable. PrimeCables has plenty of HDTV antennas in a wide range of styles, different price points, and with different features. These are all worth exploring if you’re going beyond the basic. That said, to get started, all you need is a basic under-$6 high-definition antenna!


Setting up a TV antenna, you’ll receive TV signals with less compression which means they have the potential to look better than what you see on cable or satellite. There’s also no monthly fees, no monthly bills, and no subscription required. After you have your 1080p HDTV antenna, the rest is absolutely free.


If you live within a few miles of a TV broadcast tower, you’re as good as gold. If you’re not and are in a rural area, you may need an HDTV antenna which is outdoors and which may have some additional range to it. This way, you’re most likely to maximize your channel selection. Using the basic HDTV antenna, you can still receive channels in a rural area however there may not be as many. To learn what’s reasonable to expect for your location, input your location online and browse one of the databases relating to broadcast towers and where to position your HDTV antenna. Save $100s this year by getting rid of your cable bill and choosing a TV antenna.


Needless to say, the basic HDTV antenna is our top pick and very impressive! At this price point, nothing comes close to the basic in performance. Shop this antenna and dozens of others at Canada’s own PrimeCables today. Free, over-the-air TV is just a purchase away!

Buy a Classic TV Wall Mount Swivel and Tilt Model this Prime Cables Day for under $20

TV wall mounts have grown increasingly popular among Canadians households and those seeking new ways to feature their home entertainment systems. TV wall mounts take a TV and hang it directly on the wall, in order to create a more immersive consumer experience. Needless to say, the traditional TV stand simply doesn’t compare.

PrimeCables tv wall mount deal
PrimeCables tv wall mount deal

This Prime Day on PrimeCables site, the TV Wall Mount Classic Swivel and Tilt For 23″- 42″ LED, LCD flat panel TVs will be on sale from PrimeCables for a limited time only. The swivel and tilt TV wall mount is perfect for any flat-screen with VESA specifications of 75×75, 100×100, 200×100, or 200×200 and with a load up to 66 pounds. Featuring a tilt up to 15 degrees, a swivel up to 30 degrees, and a solid wall single-stud installation, buy this classic TV wall mount swivel and tilt model this Canada Day on-sale. For those in the market, there’s no better flat-screen wall mount model at its price point of $19.99.


PrimeCables has numerous Canada Day sales on TV wall mounts, cables, adapters, and other home theater accessories. Though every household might come to the table with its own preference as to what TV wall mount is right for them, there’s a lot of features here on this tilt and swivel. The tilt assists in combating sunlight, helping to position your flat-screen wherever it needs to go and the swivel means it’s easy to angle the screen as/when appropriate. The movements encapsulated in this TV wall mount aren’t big but the difference they make is.


In this day and age, TV shows, films, and games are generally produced with darker, more shadowy visuals. At times, watching a darker set TV show or film in the day is simply a no-go because it’s really difficult to see action. With the right TV wall mount, a user should be able to swivel and tilt their flat-screen to make it easier to watch any program any time of day. This Canada Day, get all this for under $20 and even better, if you want to match it up with other PrimeCables products to meet a minimum threshold of $49, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in the country.


The TV Wall Mount Classic Swivel and Tilt For 23″- 42″ LED, LCD flat panel TVs is the ultimate Canada Prime Day bargain. Browse other products, hit the ‘free shipping’ coupon threshold, and from there, you’ll be good to go. In no time, you’ll be able to mount your TV and see your home entertainment setup in a way you may never have before.

You Don’t Need to Wait until Amazon Prime Day to Buy Home Theater, TVs, and Tech

Amazon Prime Day is coming, despite the fact that the popular eCommerce site has yet to announce the exact date nor the details of the event. Now in its’ fourth year, many Amazon customers tend to wait for Amazon Prime Day to pick up home theater accessories, TVs, and tech – despite the fact that Amazon Prime Day requires a Prime membership. Also, calculated out, the deals on Prime Day are actually not that much better compared to everyday summer eCommerce. What we propose at PrimeCables to not to wait until Prime Day. Shop with us today to get the best discounts, deals, and promotion on home theater, TVs, tech, and more.


PrimeCables is one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce sites. We specialize in cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools, appliances, home theater accessories, network solutions, and more. For those looking to get the lowest prices in Canada on home theater accessories, TVs, and tech, you’ve come to the right place. You don’t need to wait to shop Prime Day prices and you certainly don’t need a “membership” of any kind. As a company that was made by Canadians and for Canadians, we’re not exclusive. Visit anytime and find the best deal in the country on TVs, speaker systems, soundbars, TV wall mounts, speaker mounts, high-tech cables, and more.


Browse a wide variety of TV wall mounts, TV and speaker stands, ergonomic home theater accessories, speaker systems, pro audio equipment, home theater seating, A/V cables and receivers, projectors, TVs, media streaming devices, Blu-ray and recorder cables, HDMI cables, smart home accessories, and network routers and switchers. For consumers looking to win big on the best deals, PrimeCables has discounts up to 70% off on select products! Receive free returns and a 365-day guarantee on all products purchased from the eCommerce store, in addition to fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on all orders above $49.


Buy only the best in home theater accessories, TVs, and more from PrimeCables. We like to think, every day is Prime Day at PrimeCables. Stop by anytime and see the best pricing we have to offer. Consuming Canadian households from across the country have come to us to get better deals than you’ll find at any retailer. Now you can too! Serving thousands of customers every month, have your own Amazon Prime Day with PrimeCables any day Monday through Sunday. Please feel encouraged to visit our site to find more information on the home theater accessories we have to offer and the available Prime Day discounts.

Do You Need Replacement Video Cables this Prime DAY – Shop with PrimeCables!

PrimeCables is having a video cables Prime Day sale that is going to go unmatched. Browse exclusive deals and discounts, with up to 70 percent off select items. If you’re in need of some replacement audio or video cables, this Canada Day sale is going to be the best time to buy!


Browse categories like VGA and SVGA cables, DVI cables, component video cables, F-Type cables, RCA/BNC video cables, composite video cables, S-video cables, M1-D projector cables, RG-58 cables, and gaming cables.


The deals, discounts, and promotions don’t stop there, either. See similar deals on related products including a range of video adapters, VGA, DVI, and HDMI adapters, analog and digital converters, and DisplayPort adapters. Business is booming at PrimeCables and we’re looking to give back this Canada Day sale. As a fast growing eCommerce company made by Canadians and for Canadians, we hope to provide the lowest prices possible on replacement video cables.


Let’s face it, if any of us go through our homes, we’re going to find some cables in need of replacement. They either don’t function as well as they used to, are a little beat up, or they simply don’t work anymore. Buying new, faster, more advanced audio and video cables this Canada Day will completely re-design your home entertainment system. PrimeCables is looking to gift to you all the products mentioned here and more, reducing prices to cover the base costs of production and not much more. When you buy from PrimeCables, you’ll get the best pricing on the market, in addition to enjoying free returns, a 365-day quality guarantee, and fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49.


Just to give some example, PrimeCables’ replacement video cable Prime Day sale will include our High Quality 6ft Super VGA HD15 M/M Cable w/double shielded for $4.99, our RG6 (18AWG) 75Ohm, Quad Shield, CL2 Coaxial Cable with F Type Connector-Black (9 Lengths)-Monoprice – 1.5ft for $2.99, our 6FT DVI-D Single-Link (18+1) Male to Male for $5.99, our High Quality DVI-D Digital Dual Link Cable 6FT- Black (28AWG Gold Plated) for $4.99, and our High Quality 10ft Super VGA HD15 M/M Cable w/double shielded (Gold Plated) for $6.99.


This Canada Day sale goes beyond the regular deals we offer. Replacement video cables are a great, reliable household product that you won’t go wrong with. Celebrate Canada Day with us with cheap prices on high quality products, with easy shipping to anywhere in the country.

Why Has Amazon not revealed the Day for Amazon Prime Day 2018 – Here’s Why

‘When is Amazon Prime Day?’ is one of the most common questions asked in eCommerce around this time of year. Amazon Prime Day is a relatively new occurrence, having begun in 2015 only as a means of increasing the international eCommerce site’s summer sales numbers.

In 2016 and then again in 2017, Amazon Prime Day grew in numbers and reputation. This year, Amazon Prime Day 2018 has not yet been announced. Though we suspect it to be coming in July, Amazon has yet to announce a date, keeping consumers and competitors in the dark.

Prime Cables Day 2018 is coming soon

Why Amazon has not yet revealed what day Prime Day falls on is simple. Amazon’s a huge company. By not announcing a definitive date, it creates a stir in the tech and online shopping communities. It helps to stir up publicity without anyone at Amazon ever having to lift a finger.


When Amazon finally makes that announcement, it’s going to create an even bigger bump in publicity, likely to result in more sales and even bigger numbers. As one of Amazon’s top Canadian competitors, PrimeCables doesn’t play that same game but we’re waiting.


This Prime Day hosted by, instead of shopping with Amazon, shop with PrimeCables. Here’s why. We’re a Canadian company, made by Canadians and for Canadians. When you buy with PrimeCables, you receive free shipping on all orders above $49, free returns on any product purchased from our catalogue, and a 365-day guarantee ensuring the customer is fully satisfied with their purchase. We’ve already set up numerous deals, discounts, and promotions on the PrimeCables site, and have more scheduled especially for Prime Day. Now we’re waiting on Amazon!


Keeping all this in mind, if you want to know when Amazon Prime Day is coming, note the following – 2015’s Amazon Prime Day fell on July 15, 2016’s Amazon Prime Day fell on July 12, and 2017’s Amazon Prime Day fell on July 11. This year, we’re expecting it to fall on either Monday, July 9, Tuesday, July 10, or Wednesday, July 11. The only thing we can say about how PrimeCables is planning to respond to Amazon’s assumed announcement is that we will be ready. When you shop with PrimeCables, expect even bigger discounts, deals, and promotions.


Browse your favourite cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools, appliances, home theater systems, network solutions, and more. Save up to 70% off select items in these PrimeCables categories and others. Instead of playing Amazon’s guessing game, visit PrimeCables on Prime Day for the best deals.

PrimeCables is the alternative Place to Shop in Canada on Amazon Prime Day 2018

Amazon Prime Day is a mega shopping event for not only the international eCommerce site but so many others. Providing consumers with a range of unbeatable pricing, PrimeCables hopes to be your top destination for all things Canadian tech.

PrimeCables - A place to get better deals that is better than Amazon Prime Day
PrimeCables – A place to get better deals that is better than Amazon Prime Day

Please feel encouraged to browse the categories of cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools, appliances, home theater accessories, network solutions, smart home accessories, and more. PrimeCables has hundreds of products to choose from on Prime Cables Day discounts up to 70% off select products.

Prime Day is going into its fourth year and in its short time span of existence, it’s become the ultimate summer eCommerce shopping holiday. Consumers searching for the best deals and discounts at online retailers can find the lowest prices in Canada through PrimeCables. See inexpensive pricing on high quality products of all varieties. Even better, enjoy free returns, a 365-day product guarantee, and fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49. Prime Day is coming and with it, take advantage of the best time to buy with PrimeCables.

Though Amazon Prime Day 2018 does not yet have a firm date, PrimeCables has scheduled its own Prime Day deals in response. Enjoy exclusive PrimeCables Prime Day pricing on items such as TV wall mounts, monitor desk mounts, ergonomic sit-stand desks, Ethernet cable, USB Type-C sync and charge smartphone cables, HDMI cables and adapters, multi-port USB charging hubs, projectors, projector screens, indoor and outdoor HDTV antennas, magnetic car mounts, protective smartphone cases, and a 32” HD LED 720p TV.

For Amazon Prime Day 2018, there’ll be no better place to celebrate exclusive deals and discounts than PrimeCables. We can almost guarantee it. PrimeCables is looking to beat every brand and retailer, with Canada-specific promotions that no one else can even come close to. We expect Prime Day to be a huge driver of traffic to our site and our sister sites, and In response, we’ve stocked our inventory to the brim. Buy the products you know and love from a name you can trust. All things considered, free returns, free shipping, and a 365-day quality guarantee are hard to pass up!

Maximize your dollar, look at the reviews, and always buy from the best. In our view, we want PrimeCables to be considered the #1 place to shop in Canada on Amazon Prime Day – that’s a title we’re willing to fight for. This Prime Day is going to be bigger than ever so get excited! Come and celebrate it with us, and save big with PrimeCables.

Here’s How Consumers can win big with PrimeCables on Amazon Prime Day this Year!

Amazon Prime Day’s date has not yet been announced however it’s expected to happen sometime in early to mid-July. This will mark the 4TH annual Prime Cables Day, a notable eCommerce sales date that has provided strong summer sales numbers for corporate eCommerce. As a way to fight back against the biggest of the big, PrimeCables has done everything it can to be Canada’s answer to Amazon Prime Day.

When will be the prime cables day 2018?
When will be the prime cables day 2018?

As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce companies, PrimeCables has successfully defended itself against far bigger brands in the international space, making its name off of providing Canadian consumers the biggest bang for their buck. High quality products at cheap, inexpensive pricing is what we do best. Cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools, appliances, home theater systems, and network solutions are some of the categories we specialize in.


This Prime Day, we invite new and returning customers to PrimeCables for the biggest deals, discounts, and promotions. Amazon Prime Day comes with many caveats. In many cases, the discounts are no better than on any other day shopping with Amazon and additionally, you have to be an Amazon Prime member to benefit. That’s not what PrimeCables is about. We don’t need your “membership”. Shop with us anytime – it’s easy and stress-free!


In celebration of Prime Day, receive free returns, a 1-year product guarantee on anything purchased in our catalogue, and fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49. Don’t pay more with Amazon. Pay the right price with PrimeCables on Prime Day and you won’t regret it. This is going to be an epic sales day for some of the biggest players in the eCommerce space and we want to do what we can to make sure Canadians are getting a fair shake.


Consumers can save hundreds off PrimeCables discounts on products like the Magnetic Car Mount, 360 Degree Rotatable Universal for $4.99, the Super Thin Indoor HD TV Antenna for $4.99, the TV Wall Mount Classic Swivel and Tilt For 23″- 42″ LED for $19.99, the PrimeCables® Single Monitor Desk Mount Adjustable for $25.99, the HDMI to HDMI 6Ft cable Premium 3D, 1.4 High Speed for $2.99, and the AA 8pcs/box alkaline battery, paper box packing for $1.99.


PrimeCables has the best Prime Day bargains – some already available and others waiting to be released in the coming days. Amazon Prime Day is almost here and we want to make sure our customers win – beyond anything Amazon will offer. Be sure to visit PrimeCables to see why so many consider us Canada’s favourite eCommerce solution!

When is Amazon Prime Day 2018 and What you Need to Know

Amazon Prime Day 2018 is almost upon us and it’s not an event that any fan of eCommerce is going to want to miss. Amazon Prime Day 2018 is being promoted as Amazon’s biggest shopping day of the summer season. Thousands of products will see their prices slashed and eCommerce fans will have the opportunity to enjoy exclusive discounts, deals, and promotions for one day only.


Though this all sounds amazing, there’s a few things you might want to keep in mind about Prime Day. Firstly, when is Amazon Prime Day 2018 – we don’t know. We know how odd it sounds. We may be roughly a month away from the 1-day summer sale event yet Amazon has not shared what day this year’s Prime Day will fall on. Secondly, don’t get caught up in all the fuss. Though it’s dubbed a ‘sales event’, much of the deals are little better than what is usually offered via the popular eCommerce site. Thirdly, the time window for it is only 24 hours. Lastly, to benefit from Amazon Prime Day pricing, you require an Amazon Prime membership. All of these hoops you need to jump through, we don’t blame you if you don’t think it’s worth it.


The usual selection of products and pricing on Amazon is not something to dismiss. Don’t get us wrong. They got some pretty good deals from time to time. The thing is, at PrimeCables, we think we can do better. This Prime Day, instead of shopping with Amazon, shop with PrimeCables. Enjoy discounts of up to 70 percent off products like HDMI cables, USB Type-C cables, Ethernet cables, TV wall mounts, Thunderbolt cables, adapters, surge protectors, smart home accessories, Bluetooth soundbars, HDTV 720p flat-screens, and more!


There are hundreds of Prime Day deals to shop with PrimeCables in one of the biggest shopping events of the year. Celebrate Prime Day with a Canadian company, made by Canadians for Canadians. Throughout the years, we have built a reputation as a high quality supplier of products to Canadian households across the country. Beyond the exclusive PrimeCables Prime Day discounts, enjoy free shipping on any orders above $49 to anywhere in Canada, free returns, and a 1-year product guarantee on all items. Please feel encouraged to browse all the deals in the PrimeCables catalogue and save yourself the hassle of having to shop in-store in corporate retail. Unlike Amazon, you don’t need a membership to enjoy these discounts!

Forget about Amazon Prime Day – Here is your Shopping Guide for Prime Day at PrimeCables!

For consumers that have always wanted Black Friday to fall in the middle of summer, that’s everything that Amazon Prime Day is promising. Prime Day 2018 deals are going to slash thousands of dollars across Amazon products, attracting eCommerce fans from across the world in the process.

PrimeCables is having its Prime Day on July to offer unbeatable deals !
PrimeCables is having its Prime Day on July to offer unbeatable deals !

The exact date of this year’s Amazon Prime Day has not yet been confirmed however it’s long been rumoured to fall somewhere in mid-July. Promising to be the biggest one yet, this is easiest the biggest shopping day of the season for Amazon. Though lasting just one day, the very first Prime Day only occurred a few years ago in 2015. At the time, Prime Day was merely an initiative to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary celebration. Since then, it’s grown bigger every year, creating an annual summer sales event for the popular international eCommerce giant.


As good as all this sounds, unfortunately, there are some restrictions, some limitations, and some negatives. In the past, a lot of the discounts and promotions for Amazon Prime Day have been criticized for being no better than the company’s usual offerings. Also, in order to benefit from Prime Day pricing, one has to be an Amazon Prime customer. So if one is not already a member, they don’t get the discount.


With no known Amazon Prime Day date published as of yet, instead of dilly-dallying around with Amazon, consider shopping with PrimeCables, a truly Canadian eCommerce brand with discounts, deals, and promotions you’ll love. In direct competition with Amazon’s Prime Day, PrimeCables is going to be throwing its own Prime Day for Canadians. Shop products from key categories including tech, cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, home theater, smart home accessories, network solutions, tools, audio instrument accessories, and more.


For PrimeCables’ Prime Day 2018, see discounts up to 70% off select products. Benefit from free returns, a 1-year quality guarantee on key products in our catalogue, and fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49.


This Prime Day, come and shine with PrimeCables. Rest easy knowing you’ll be shopping with a Canadian-made company. Receive high quality product you won’t find anywhere else at the same price point. In many categories, we even beat Amazon on our exclusive Prime Day discounts. Also, unlike Amazon, you don’t need a membership to shop with PrimeCables. It’s so easy! Visit PrimeCables this summer to take advantage of our exclusive Prime Day discounts, deals, and promotions.