3 Tips on How to Use an Indoor HDTV Antenna for your Home Theater

If you’re new to the world of indoor high-definition 1080p antennas, you’re in for a treat. Receive free TV with no monthly subscription with high-definition channels to watch from some of North America’s biggest networks. Imagine being able to access local programming live and in real-time for no monthly fee. For Canadians who’ve cut the cord with their own indoor HDTV antenna or who are curious, here are three tips to consider to maximize your home theater system experience.


Look up your locality


As TV antennas are making a big comeback, for every Canadian city, it’s a little different how one should angle their device. Be sure to browse online what the best angle is to get and experiment. Switch around your setup and re-scan. Some of the channels you can expect to receive for free include CBC, CTV, Global, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, and more.


Re-scan your channels


We recommend re-scanning your channels regularly because TV stations sometimes move broadcast frequencies. When they do, you could lose a signal. If you want to maximize the signals you have, consider doing a re-scan every month. Also, if you’ve re-scanned every on a rainy or cloudy day, you may not be receiving the full scope of channels you can.


Consider a DVR


Some high-definition TV antennas are compatible with DVRs and vice versa. If you happen to have a way to record the signals from your TV antenna, that gives you the chance to watch free TV at your leisure.


Buy your Home Theater HDTV Antenna with PrimeCables


If you’re just getting started with a ‘cut the cord’ HDTV antenna, PrimeCables is a great place to start your shopping experience. See indoor HDTV antennas for as low as $4.99 for our super thin indoor HDTV antennas capturing FM, VHF, and UHF.


For Canadians looking to take things even further, going with an outdoor HDTV antenna might be even better. A consumer favourite, consider the massive PrimeCables’ 360-degree adjustable multi-directional super 8 bay TV antenna up to a 70 mile range for $105.99.


Free over-the-air TV is becoming a popular choice for many Canadians in 2018. Even consumers using streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are using antennas to access local stations. It’s believed that more than 20 percent of Canadians with broadband internet access currently use an HDTV antenna of some kind, according to recent reports. Shop with PrimeCables today to get yours, with prices ranging from under $5 to above $100 for indoor and outdoor antennas!

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