Why An iPhone Apple-Certified Lightning Cable Is Still A Must-Have

The iPhone lightning cable has been Apple’s proprietary data transfer and sync and charge method for the better part of the past decade. Just like the iPhone changed how phones were made, to a degree, the lightning cable had an immediate impact on smartphone cable technology.

Even though we are living in an increasingly wireless world with wireless smartphone chargers becoming more standardized, the iPhone lightning cable is still in high demand. Here is why lightning cables are still worth the buy.

How Does A Lightning Cable Work?

Like any USB cable does, a lightning to USB cable connects to your smartphone for syncing and charging.

First announced in 2012, the lightning connector uses eight pins. More efficient, the move to lightning cables was a necessity for the thin smartphones we have now. An Apple-certified lightning cable connector is smaller, reversible just like a USB-C cable, and is multi-functional.

Lightning cables are the standard for any and all Apple products, from tablets to iPhones. Effectively replacing the USB-A and USB-C connector, it is the lightning connector that’s been maintained as a key feature of any Apple product.

Even today, Apple does not have a 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and up but they have lightning cable ports.

5971a lightning apple charger cables lightning apple charger cables

Are Lightning Cables Or USB Cables Better?

It is not a debate of Apple iPhone lightning cables or USB cables. They are one in the same, lightning on one end and USB Type-C on the other.

A lightning cable is strictly Apple-only. You won’t find a lightning cable port on any Samsung, Huawei, or other branded devices. It is proprietary to Apple and therefore any cable replacements typically have to go through them, unless you want to risk charging with a knock-off.

Knock-offs are a huge problem in the smartphone cable landscape because they are usually cheap, lacking in safety protections, and have a higher likelihood of frying your device. Don’t use them!

If you have to buy a lighting cable online, shop it at places like PrimeCables.ca where you’re accessing Apple-certified lightning to USB cables. They are equal in quality to what you’d buy directly from Apple and pose no threat to your device.

Although Apple has started to move towards going wireless with their syncing and charging, lightning cables are a part of the Apple ecosystem. They have built many devices around the usage of lightning cables. To eliminate this or render the lightning cable useless would take decades.

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Apple device in need of an MFI-certified lightning cable, PrimeCables.ca is the place to shop.

What Is A USB Lightning Cable?

Apple’s proprietary USB lightning cable is their alternative to micro-USB and now USB-C. They were the first to implement cables that work in both orientations, along with many other new features. Some are for them, and some are against them. Here’s more about these lightning cables.

The History of USB Lightning Cable

Lightning is the type of USB connector Apple has used for many of its devices since 2012. The cables provide both charging and data transfer. The Lighting connector is much thinner than standard micro-USB and USB-C options.

While Apple has maintained its strong stance on keeping its proprietary lightning connectors, recent pressure might have them making a change soon enough.

What Does Lightning Do?

Of course, a lightning cable has the standard features of both charging a device and providing data transfer. Unlike older USB cables, the lightning connector can be plugged in upside down and still work.

Apple also uses the connector for transmitting audio, with traditional headphones requiring an adapter to work with many of their devices.

Lightning Adapters

Because the USB connectors are exclusive, many devices require adapters. One of the most common is the USB camera adapter for connecting to external cameras. There are also video adapters for streaming video from a device to a TV.

Many other accessories use the Apple-certified lightning cable port, including branded headphones and home entertainment devices.

5971a lightning apple charger cables lightning apple charger cables

Apple Accessories

USB lightning connectors aren’t just for charging phones and data transfer. Many Apple accessories use the connectors to allow for easy connecting to devices. Among these are standard keyboards and mice, along with trackpads and drawing tools.

Adoption is the biggest hurdle for any new standard, and the wealth of adapters and their ease of use help USB Type-C face that challenge.

Device Compatibility

Most of Apple’s devices for the past ten years have supported lightning cables. Starting with the iPhone 5, all iPhones running up to the current iPhone 12 use MFI-certified lightning cables. This is also true of iPads starting from the iPad 4, including the Air and Mini.

While they’ve fallen to the wayside compared to the iPhone, iPods are still around and supporting lightning USB cables for both Nano and Touch models.

The Top Perks of USB Lightning Cables

There are lots of ways that lightning is better than other options. One of the most prominent is uncompressed digital audio, allowing the highest quality for audiophiles. There is also HD video output and impressive transfer speeds in general.

The lightning cable has a high power throughput that allows for rapid charging and for larger devices to be powered through the cable. Shop lightning cables at PrimeCables.ca.

Where to Find the Best Deals on Smartphone Accessories for iPhone and Android

For smartphones from Samsung, Google, Motorola, or if you’ve gone with the trendy iPhone, accessories and cables can add up. USB chargers, adapters, earbuds, and Bluetooth enabled speakers certainly come at a price. Thankfully, PrimeCables is offering all the smartphone accessories deals you can handle.

Let’s start with the classic USB sync and charge cables. Regardless of whether you’re looking for USB Type-C cables, USB 2.0, or USB 3.0, there are at least a half-dozen cleverly designed cable products under each. Nylon jacket protection, for example, is an excellent way to guard against pets chewing through the cable, the cable being bent and broken, or having something else happen which completely destroys your ability to sync or charge your device.

If you’re not working with an Android smartphone and you have an iPhone, you may need an Apple specific USB cable. Via PrimeCables, you can get Apple-certified USB sync and charge cables at a fraction of the cost you may pay going through a non-Canadian source. Search lightning charger cables, Thunderbolt 3 cables and adapters, 30-pin Apple cables, USB Type-C cables, and a variety of Apple specialty cables. 

Going beyond the basics of the USB cable to charge your smartphone, maybe you want some adapters or accessories to boost the capability of your Android or iPhone. Pick up affordable family-friendly pricing on dual-port USB smartphone car chargers, USB multi-port wall chargers, portable external battery chargers and power banks to ensure you never lose your smartphone charge, and more. Wherever you go, it doesn’t hurt to have a place to plug in your phone for juice.

There’s also some great low-cost smartphone products to pair with your iPhone or Android this July. A magnetic car mount with a 360-degree rotatable mound allows you to position your smartphone in your car for easy access and viewing when you’re on the road. For iPhone X, transparent clear soft cases with a glass screen protector are a great way to lock in your smartphone securely. There are also very affordable stereo ergonomically designed earbuds equipped with great sound, a mic, and volume control.

If you haven’t upgraded your smartphone setup yet, here’s your opportunity. Enjoying music, movies, texting, and connecting with family and friends has never been more enjoyable with products like these. If you don’t have something like a USB sync and charge cable or a smartphone holder for the car, these are basic items that make it much easier to enjoy what a phone has to offer.

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Apple certified lightning cables are worth their weight in gold. They’re built immensely well, are approved by one of the world’s biggest tech companies, and are one of the most advanced consumer cables in the market. In terms of speed, nothing outdoes them on smartphone sync and charge.

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