The Best Monitors For A Home Office

For anyone serious about having a strong, solid work-from-home setup, they understand the importance of computer monitors. What monitor you use definitely has an impact on how enjoyable your experience is.

Like an office ergonomic desk or the type of office chair you choose, your monitor matters. is a go-to source for office essentials and accessories that Canadians have explored throughout the pandemic, delivering only the best in monitors and ergonomic office design.

Here are the best computer monitors in 2021 for your work-from-home office.

27” 4K 60 Hz Monitor

The 27” 4K monitor is fairly high-tech. It’s optimized for gaming and is great for any sort of image editing, video editing, and graphic design. If your work isn’t very graphic-intensive, you can certainly find a cheaper priced monitor on this list than this one.

27” 1080P 144 Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

Though the 27” 1080p curved monitor is more tailored towards gamers than home office setups, some home office folks will certainly appreciate the curved design and speedy tech. For a computer monitor that’s multi-purpose and curved, this is a great choice.

ViewSonic 1080P Monitor

A ViewSonic 1080p monitor is a fine upgrade for a lot of people who may still be stuck with something 720p. If your current setup isn’t up to par and you want a faster monitor with more colorful graphics, enjoy lightning-fast picture clarity with anything from ViewSonic in the 1080p range.

Monoprice 15” Touchscreen

Though smaller in size, the Monoprice 15” touchscreen is a great accessory to any office setup where multiple monitors are needed. If you enjoy having several screens or are required to, a touchscreen is an addition hard to pass up.

Monoprice 27” 4k Monitor

The Monoprice 27” 4K monitor is designed for people who are looking for something high-end. Monitors that are 4K at this size provide a lot of power and speed which isn’t wholly necessary when dealing with day-to-day routine office work. It makes this list, however, because when it comes to high-end monitors, Monoprice is a fine introduction.

CrystalPro 28” 4K 60 Hz Monitor

The CrystalPro 28” 4K monitor is a high-end monitor with a lot of advantages. For the person who wants more than average, the CrystalPro 4K monitor soars above other models and delivers a performance that you can rely on.

24” 1080P 75 Hz Monitor

Enjoy a 1080p 24” monitor with advanced image tech, modern-minimalist design, and a comfortable ergonomic setup that’s sure to please anyone with a home office. This is arguably the best monitor in Canada and is currently offered at a very fair discount this summer-only.

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The Best Budget TV For Your Home Theater In 2021

Any sort of home theater system or home entertainment rig is really only complete with a fast, premium, high-tech flat-screen that’s equipped with the ports you need to connect all your favourite devices.

Think of how crucial a flat-screen is. It defines the viewing experience more than anything else. Sadly, the latest in TV tech can be insanely expensive and cost $1,000s. The good thing is you probably don’t need it. You can find some pretty cutting-edge TVs and screens on sale at for $350 or under and sometimes much cheaper.

Here are the best cheap televisions to buy in 2021 for your home setup.

32” LED TV 720p

The 32” LED TV 720p is an excellent choice for small TV rooms, condos, bedrooms, and where the distance between the viewer and the screen is limited. HD images. High-quality color. And a premium model design.

43” 1080p LCD TV

The 42” 1080p LCD TV carries with it a little extra oomph. It’s large but affordable and perfect for family home theater rooms.

Unless you’re aiming to get a 4K TV which is almost never in an affordable price range, this 42”1080p flat-screen is one of the best deals going.

55” 4K LED TV

Yes, we thought we’d throw in at least one 4K LED TV onto this list. As a budget TV, it’s highly debatable whether this is that but for under $475, this is one of the cheapest 4K TVs in Canada.

Large, backlit, and equipped with the best 4K tech, for those that can raise their budgets, purchasing a 4K TV like this is a great investment.

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27” Curved Gaming Monitor 1080p

Equip this 27” curved gaming monitor in 1080p with all the home theater bells and whistles you need. This gaming monitor hits all the marks on screen size, display resolution, ports, adjustability, mountability, viewing angle, brightness, pixel density, aspect ratio, and more.

24” 1080p Flat Computer Monitor

Lastly is the cheap of the cheap. The small but affordable 24” 1080p flat monitor is a steal for under $130. It is meant for a computer as opposed to a home theater system and is rather small. For a 1-bedroom apartment, small condo, or bachelor suite though, this 24” flat monitor will more than do the trick allowing you to watch 1080p quality images on a home theater screen for a low, low price.

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Is a TV or Monitor Better for My Entertainment System – read here!

Computer monitors used to be exclusively the gamer’s choice for setting up with their console while HD TVs were reserved for home theater enthusiasts. These days, the tech is so advanced that some home entertainment systems will choose a monitor over a TV and vice versa, with gamers installing a 1080p HD television to host game play on. To find out which one is better or more appropriate for your home setup, you’ve got to weigh the pros and cons.

Why a computer monitor for a home theater

Be it curved or flat, computer monitors have many advantages. As they are more in-tune for gamers, they are sometimes more technologically advanced with things like 4K UHD resolution, high resolution gaming capability, HDMI outputs to connect consoles to, and more. Through a gaming monitor like this, you can also pair it with a monitor mount which can range from full motion to dual display setups, or mounts for three or more monitors.

Some of the drawbacks of choosing a computer monitor for a home theater system is that they aren’t necessarily ideal for a traditional living room setup. For example, monitor mounts are designed for desks, not walls. This can make installation tough. The curved monitor concept can also throw some people for a loop, when watching a movie or Netflix on it.

Why a TV for a gaming station or home theater setup

Alternatively, choosing a flat-screen can be a more diverse purchase with the capacity to accommodate a gaming console via HDMI as well as being able to handle regular TV. HD flat-screens are oftentimes less expensive than gaming monitors, which is another plus. In different sizes, they can also be placed in a bedroom, kitchen, or living room with ease. The mix of TV mounts also come in various designs and make installing a TV against a wall way easier than a computer monitor.

A drawback of a HD flat-screen TV is that you may find the quality of picture is less. Unless you want to pay a lot, 720p or 1080p is what you’ll find on most televisions. These are still HD though and to most people, it’s perfect. You don’t need 4K. That said, for other people, 4K’s their preference. Also, gaming on a TV might not have the same technology to work with resulting in several issues attempting to watch game play. If you’re not a gamer though, this evidently shouldn’t be a factor.Choosing between a TV and TV wall mount or a computer monitor and monitor mount is tough. Fortunately, PrimeCables has both as well as all the HDMI cables, gaming accessories, speaker systems, and home theater products you need. Drop on by our website to see more!