The Ultimate Sit-Stand and Standing Desk Guide

UPDATE: Check here for for complete guide of how to choose the sit standing height adjustable desk riser


Why more people are coming to buy sit-stand and standing desks have to do with the benefits. The more that a person sits over the course of their day, the higher their blood pressure tends to be, the higher their blood sugar tends to be, and they soon find themselves at risk of cardiovascular disease. Though this does not apply to everyone, people who spend six or more hours per day sitting are known to develop these types of issues.


This is the ultimate sit-stand and standing desk guide because it seeks to provide the information you need to decide whether a standing desk or sit-stand desk is right for you. A sit-stand desk or a standing desk is a desk that raises to the appropriate height to allow its user to stand while working. They have become increasingly popular as many entrepreneurs and celebrities have featured sit-stand desks on social media and have preached the benefits.


The main basic advantage to these desks is that they keep the legs and the body activated. To many people, the idea of standing for their entire work day sounds tough. To be fair, it is for some people. Sit-stand desks are not meant to permanently remain in the standing position however. People who use them adjust the height as they please, sometimes standing for an hour or two per day, sometimes less. Every bit helps.

In terms of buying a sit-stand desk, there are things to consider like price, how big you need your desk to be, and where you want to put it in your workspace. Consider browsing through a few different models before committing to any definitive.


After you buy your sit-standing desk, it’s all in how you want to use it. Nearly everyone who has purchased one of these desks eventually does get used to working from a standing position. It is an adjustment but working on your feet is best for your body and your mind, engaging both. At the end of the day, the neck pain or the back pain that is common among many sitters can literally be gone after a few weeks of use.


The final point that we want to make before you begin using your ergonomic sit-stand desk is to start small. Try working from your feet in short bursts before you commit to an hour. Standing for eight hours a day right out of the gate comes with its own challenges so keep that in mind.

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