What Are the Best ZigBee Smart Home Products to Buy in 2021 – See here!

Zigbee is a top-of-the-line brand in smart home and home automation. If you have to set up automation and smart home accessories under one name, Zigbee has a unique ecosystem of products to consider. Here are some of the best Zigbee smart home products in 2021 to immediately add value, functionality, and control over your household’s day-to-day. Zigbee Smart Outlet…

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The Best All-in-One Smart Home Devices to Enhance your Home Security

Smart home devices can enhance your home security, but the hardware is often retailed as separate pieces, and the boxes covered in jargon; if you’ve been frazzled combining components at the shop, look no further than the LivingWise smart home solution! Available now on PrimeCables.ca, the LivingWise home security devices are sold separately and in bundles, to save you the…

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PrimeCables’ Surge Protector with WiFi Smart Power sells for only $24.99 on our site and we’re in stock!

If you have been on the search for a surge protector to ensure your electronics are not harmed, PrimeCables has an excellent deal for you on their PrimeCables birthday party online. Though corporate retail is quick to provide limited surge protectors for upwards of $30 and above, at PrimeCables, we like to keep costs down for consumers. That’s why we’re…

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Cyber Monday Smart Home Deals are Coming!

  Cyber Monday offers some serious savings this shopping season on smart home items and accessories!   Prime Cables has been serving Canadian consumers for over a decade and throughout the past few years, we’ve been building our inventory of smart home items. Cyber Monday smart home deals are finally here and we are so excited! If this is your…

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