Where to Get Audio Instrument Accessories for Cheap

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Audiophiles, musicians, recording engineers, and producers come to PrimeCables every year seeking audio instrument accessories for the cheapest possible price. Throughout the seasons, we regularly put out instrument accessories for cheap, doing what we can to help Canadian musicians in achieving their dreams. This season, we have a number of new arrivals that you can browse here.


Included in our selection of cheap audio instrument accessories, there are music stands and guitar stands, guitar amps and pedals, microphones and microphone accessories, stage lights and lighting accessories, and cables of all varieties. Take a glimpse into some of our best sellers below!


One of the most popular items in our music stand collection is this professional tripod music stand with microphone holder. Many Canadian acoustic musicians have requested this product to not only provide them with a place to put their lyrics but also to have a microphone holder to record their guitar through. It also folds up easily for storage and transport, suitable for in-studio and on-stage use.


A 20-watt, 1×8 guitar combo amplifier is also available through Prime Cables’ storefront. For just under $100, this item provides not only a clean channel but also overdrive. Any beginner electric guitar players should have a reliable amp like this to play around with.


If that guitar player is also a singer, you can pair up the amp with this Stage Right Series dynamic vocal microphone which also comes with a mic clip. Though this microphone is great in both vocal and speech environments, we’ve found that the majority of consumers tend to use it in live vocal performance. It has a unidirectional cardioid pickup pattern and low handling noise for rigorous stage use.


Some of Canada’s bar owners, live entertainment specialists, DJs, and sound guys have depended on us for items such as this stage right dual-arm flexible LED music light. For just over $15, you get these two flexible gooseneck lights, powered either via USB connection or AAA batteries. This item comes with a USB power cable so no further purchase is needed.


There are other instrument accessories and audiophile items to browse through and we continue to add to our selection with each passing season. Whether you are a guitar player, a singer, a DJ, a venue owner, or you just need some high quality cables, we do our best to provide accessory items at the lowest possible price for all Canadians to enjoy.


Check out our great selection of audio instrument accessories and if you spend over $49 in Canada, receive free shipping on your items!

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