Why an Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat Makes a Huge Difference


Building the perfect ergonomic office setup, we tend to overlook the smaller purchases. That said, an anti-fatigue standing mat can make all the difference in the world when it comes to being able to last through a full work day.

Anti-fatigue mats can make a huge difference with significant health benefits on the health of workers who are required to sit or stand for a long time. All that you need to know about anti-fatigue standing mats can be found in a 2012 study comparing the effects of standing on a concrete floor compared to standing on anti-fatigue mats. Aspects of pain, discomfort, and tiredness were measured using thermal imaging, body temperature sensors, and infrared photographs.

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This research found that a high amount of discomfort was caused in the feet, legs, and backs of those standing on the unprotected floor. The researchers also found that stiffness in the neck and shoulders became present after an extended period of time of doing the same work. To some workers who are required to stand for longer than ninety minutes per day, this type of unprotected standing can even lead to circulatory problems that are reversible in some.


Anti-fatigue mats are meant to address this type of pressure on the legs and feet. If you are standing for long periods of time in the same place, such as on a production line or in an office, having an anti-fatigue mat addresses any health concerns that might exist.


In the past, many workers have sought to address the discomfort they feel in their bodies after standing by wearing a higher quality shoe. Though this addresses some of the fatigue, it only does so much. An anti-fatigue mat goes a step further. An anti-fatigue map encourages one to keep their lower extremities active by changing their standing position regularly, provides protection on hard and unyielding floors, and also helps to reduce standing fatigue which hits everyone irrelevant of their fitness level.


There are many uses for Prime Cables’ Anti-fatigue Standing Mat Multi-Purpose Comfort Mat, which is perfect for use in an office environment, working upright in a warehouse, or even cooking at home. The mat’s soft foam layers adapts to the contours of your feet, is non-slip, and has a beveled edge to prevent tripping while stepping on and off.

By adding an anti-fatigue standing mat to your daily living, you can reduce fatigue by as much as 50 percent. Finally, there is an affordable way to ease and/or alleviate foot discomfort with adaptable insulating and shock-absorbing materials beneath your feet!

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