4 Trends in Building Home Theater Systems and what the Future Holds

As your resource for all things home theater system accessories and home entertainment systems, PrimeCables strives to stay on top of current trends in the marketplace. For Canadians looking for the latest and greatest in home theater systems, here are 4 top industry trends to weigh.


The more speakers, the better

Home theater systems have really taken to more audio channel processing and more speakers. Using A/V receivers, there’s almost no limits on how many speaker configurations a home theater user can have. There’s home theater A/V receiver manufacturers and audio system suppliers that are even working on up to 24 channels of audio. Though having over 20 speakers in your home theater system setup might sound extreme, more are looking for that widespread sound image.

home theater system in Canada
home theater system in Canada

Smart home and voice technologies

Home theater systems are increasingly integrating with smart home accessories. Be it through a smartphone application or via voice control protocols, these systems are advancing at a quick pace. Though full integration between voice control and home theater is not quite there yet, we suspect this will be the case within the next five years. Imagine being able to speak directly to you’re A/V receiver, telling them volume, channel, program, brightness, and more.


More than one screen

Traditional home theater accessories have been purchased under the guise of serving a single screen. As the home theater ideal of the 1990s has grown to incorporate more advanced technology, additional screens is something more Canadians are seriously considering. For sports fans in particular, having one or two screens with the guys over gives it a ‘sports bar’ kind of feel. This way, everyone gets to watch a screen comfortably with no hassle.


Bluetooth-compatible speakers

Bluetooth speakers provides a homeowner the chance to stream audio from their TV screens, smartphones, and/or from any digital device. Becoming extremely common among younger Canadian households, you can buy Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth soundbars from PrimeCables. Providing high quality sound and adaptable to different settings, these multi-purpose audio systems are the most inexpensive trend on this list for the average household to follow.


As these trends continue to take hold in the home theater market, we look forward to a future of increasing integration between home theater tech and smart home tech. It’s so exciting to see the different ways in which home theater continues to evolve. As the picture continues to get better with 4K Ultra-HD and surround sound goes increasingly detailed, there’s no telling where trends may lead in the decades to come. Browse on-sale home theater accessories with PrimeCables today and save possibly hundreds!

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