Why your Next Home Theater System needs to Have a Projector Screen

Your next home theater display should not be some average high-definition flat-screen display. Instead, go with a projector screen. The more advanced that home theater systems have become, the more an expense they are as well. If you want a really big screen, at this stage, it’ll cost at least $1,000 and very likely more.

For a slightly smaller amount of money, you can get a projector, projector mount, and projector screen. The advantages of these three components is that they provide a real theatre-esque experience, allowing the homeowner the chance to modify their screen size and connect almost any media device.

For fans of home theater accessories, projectors provide some seriously stunning resolutions that are equally good to anything in the television screen market. See in detail the biggest sports events, movies, live concerts, and TV binges on your projector screen.

If you’ve never had a large-sized television and are looking for a quick easy way to get there, choosing a projector over a screen is arguably the more cost-effective method. Via PrimeCables’ projectors and projector accessories, enjoy TV-like smoothness and gain more control than ever before over your home theater experience. Create your own HD experience today and enjoy ‘free shipping’ to anywhere in Canada on your projector purchase.

The favourite projector in the PrimeCables catalogue, as selected by our consumers, is the portable LCD projector 1500 lumens multimedia home theater video projector for $64.99. There are also more expensive models to consider including the Epson PowerLite 2040 XGA 3LCD projector for $1,416, the Epson PowerLite 980W WXGA 3LCD projector for $1,079, the PIQS TT Smart LED portable pico projector with projector stand for $739.99, and the Epson VS345 WXGA 3LCD projector for $539.99.

So for the same price you’ll pay on a TV with technology that’ll be dated within a couple years, receive a high quality projector with the capacity to last a very long time. There’s a reason why the most elite, luxury home theater systems choose projectors over televisions.

Get high-resolution details on the big screen with all the bells and whistles any home theater enthusiast wants. Go beyond the limitations of a TV screen, choosing a projector instead to deliver the best display quality at its price point. Browse the most popular projector models in Canada from PrimeCables and see the best deals, discounts, and promotions. Setting up your home theater projector screen, it’ll feel just like you were at the movies with images that pull you in. That’s why we think your next home theater upgrade should have a projector. Shop your home theater with PrimeCables today.

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