See the Most Common Ergonomic Home Office Mistakes And How to Fix Them

As many of us will be working remotely for the foreseeable future, ensuring your home office is comfortable will be key to your productivity and job satisfaction. Ergonomics focuses on minimizing unhealthy stress on the body. Unfortunately, mistakes are easily made.

If you’ve thought of your home office as a short-term solution, chances are it might not be anymore. Here are some of the most common ergonomic home office mistakes and how to resolve them. Let’s get to creating the perfect home office for you.

Using A Laptop All the Time

A desktop monitor has more value to a home office setup than a laptop does. This is because monitors are external and can be positioned in a neutral position to the neck and spine, compared to a laptop which ties the keyboard at all times to the screen. If you’re going to continue working from home, consider separating your keyboard, mouse, and monitor to appropriately position each in comfortable locations.

Hunching Over A Desk All Day

A fixed-height desk usually means you spend a part of your day leaning over in an unnatural position to type and work. The ideal solution is to purchase a sit-standing desk. Adjust it to the height you need and move your position from sitting to standing without affecting your work.

Too Long in the Same Position

Just like hunching over for an extended period of time can be uncomfortable, so can sitting, standing, or maintaining the same position or too long. This further supports the use of sit-stand desks, treadmill desks, or even getting up every hour to do a few quick stretches and get the circulation going.

Using a Non-Office Chair

A low-quality, broken-down chair is uncomfortable to sit in regardless of whether you’re completing work or having dinner. Ensure you have a proper home office chair. If this isn’t appropriate for your budget this month, no worries. Grab a small bath towel, roll it up, and positioning it in the small of your back, when you lean back you’ll be properly supporting your lumbar spine.

Positioning Your Desk in Front of A Window

Although windows are wonderful for non-home office spaces, positioning a home office workstation right in front of a window is a bad move. The backlighting can cause glares and increase eye strain or eye fatigue. Ensure you are open to re-positioning your desk if a window proves distracting.

This summer, drop by to find ergonomic home office desks, monitor mounts, accessories, and other products to help you avoid these and other common mistakes. As Canadians continue to work home, it’s going to be key to ensure our home offices are set up appropriately and to minimize the health risks involved.

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What Your Dad Really Wants For Father’s Day

Gift-buying is an art that many of us genuinely love. It’s an opportunity to show others our gift selection abilities and spreads appreciation to our family or friends who are ready to receive it.

Father’s Day is the most Dad-centric holiday we have in Canada. If you still haven’t bought anything for this Father’s Day, there’s still time. Here are a few thoughts to get you going. Even if things are tight money-wise, you can still have a wonderful celebration this year with the right gift.

A New TV

A new flat-screen for your Dad’s bedroom or living room is a smart gift because it’s one that is likely to be well received. If he already has a flat-screen for Father’s Day he truly loves and wouldn’t part with, consider adding to it by accessorizing his HDTV home theater setup with a TV wall mount, LED strip lights USB-style, or other more inexpensive Father’s Day buys.

Smart TV Android Box

You don’t have to go out and buy a smart TV for $1,000 or more to receive the capabilities of smart technology. Invest in an Android Smart TV box for under $50 and give your father the opportunity to turn his regular flat-screen into a smart TV. While some flat-screens embed smart tech inside, a smart TV box uses the same tech but is encased externally. It’s a major media experience that anyone who really loves TV, movies, and searching the Internet will love.

HDTV Indoor or Outdoor Antenna

If your father enjoys the idea of anything ‘free’, an HDTV antenna might be the perfect gift. Capture high-definition channels like CBC, CTV, Global, FOX, and more. If he has a trailer or cottage, this can be a nice way to get television signals when he’s on vacation this summer as well. There are both indoor HDTV antennas and outdoor HDTV antennas, each with their advantages. Consider it if your Dad’s interested in cutting his cable bill down.

Tools And Testers

If your Father’s Day in years past have been filled with a lot of DIY-style tools and home improvement projects, filling up his toolbox with a few unexpected gems is worth it. A multi-purpose screwdriver phone repair kit, a digital battery tester, an LED head light and magnifier, stud finders, cordless power drills, and more are all cheap yet high-quality Father’s Day DIY tools one can choose.

Clearance And Sales

If affordability is the single determinant right now on buying a Father’s Day gift, go straight to clearance and sales pages. Although the collection of items there aren’t related theme-wise, you may find something that speaks to you. These are the absolute best deals, discounts, and sales you will find.

You’re not alone in not having bought a Father’s Day gift yet. Shop for the right one for your Dad at and surprise him with something nice. The COVID-19 pandemic has really dampened a lot of people’s spirits. Have a great Father’s Day 2020 – from us here at to your family.

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What is a WiFi Display Dongle – read here!

The term ‘dongle’ you may have heard before. It’s another word that tech-minded folk like to throw around that everyday consumers may not know much about. A dongle is easy to understand, fortunately, and if you don’t have one, we’ll share a few reasons why you might consider jumping on board.

What Is A Dongle?

A dongle is another word for an adapter. A dongle is an adapter that plugs into a port. They usually come small and with a plastic encasing. A dongle is essentially an extension to your computer or monitor, giving it a function it didn’t previously have.

What Is A WiFi Display Dongle?

A WiFi display dongle is a wireless display adapter. You plug it into a port on your monitor or television. Then, you can display content from a mobile device on your television through technology like Miracast.

What Is Miracast?

Miracast is a wireless display standard. Miracast uses its technology to mirror smartphone, computer, or tablet screens to a television without requiring a physical attachment. A Miracast dongle is simple to connect and most Android devices already have Miracast installed conveniently allowing you to cast with to your dongle with ease.

What Can You Cast On A WiFi Display Dongle?

WiFi display dongles are used to share photos with family, stream videos, play games on your smartphone across a bigger screen, or to use smartphone apps on a larger monitor. They’re convenient and go beyond average casting apps, providing more functionality and opportunities.

What’s The Quality Like On a Dongle?

Wireless 4K HD dongles exist. Just like you can with a 4K HDMI cable, if the specifications are installed, you can have 4K signals through a dongle. Be sure to check before buying what the quality is on a dongle. Also, the picture quality has no delay and occurs in real-time. It’s same-screen imaging with no buffering.

Does Any Software Need to be Installed On A Dongle?

When you plug in a WiFi display dongle, you don’t need to install any software on the terminal. The software is already included in the dongle. That said, not all devices have apps or casting software on them. To make it possible, some devices may require seeking out a casting application or piece of software. These can be easily found in any app store. Think of it like this – your dongle is the receiver and has everything it needs to receive, while you need the right software to send it information.

For wireless adapters, dongles, and more, visit Achieve 4K-quality screen mirroring from any device with a dongle attached to your monitor or flat-screen.

How to Make Your Home Office More Comfortable with Ergonomic Office Accessories

A lot of us who have been sent home to work from improvised home offices in the COVID-19 pandemic may in fact be continuing to do so for the foreseeable future. Small companies, corporations, and entrepreneurs this year have discovered tremendous value in a work-from-home employee base.

Unfortunately, not all of us making the best of things working from home have the best home offices. The term ‘home office’ wouldn’t even apply to some. Working at the kitchen table isn’t ideal. It might be about time to change that.

The best home offices are built around comfort. The most productive office workers, multiple studies have shown, are also the most comfortable at their desks. This brings is to making an ergonomic home office.

‘Ergonomics’ focuses on health and efficiency. The best way to do this is through adjustability. Height-adjustable ergonomic desks are an opportune way to start. This is where most people encounter problems working from home – a desk and seated position which doesn’t suit themselves. Though a lot of us have seats that adjust in height, desks that adjust in height are oftentimes ignored despite the fact that they can help a lot in resolving home office-based stress.

Another area ergonomics focus on is the relationship between the monitor or screen and individual. If you’re having to strain your eyes, neck, or body to work, this can add up to bad things, bad habits, and stress on the body.

A single monitor desk mount or dual monitor desk mount adds adjustability to your monitor position. Making very minor adjustments can mean a world of difference in the long run. The problems that occur around home offices always occur in the long run. If you’ve been working from home already for a couple of months, maybe you’ve begun to see pain or discomfort in areas you never had before. The neck, wrist, shoulders, lower back, and upper back are all common regions of the body for this to happen.

After you have your desk and monitor set, there are other ergonomic office accessories to add. Anti-fatigue standing mats, height adjustable ergonomic free-standing footrests, and office accessories like these are more or less optional. That said, they can help in reducing eye strain, tension, and stress so they may well be worth shopping for some.

For all your home office products in Canada and ergonomic office accessories, visit today. Do right by your work-from-home productivity and keep your body comfortable, your mind at ease, and your focus maintained. Shop with us today.

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020 – Save Money And Shop Smart!

This Father’s Day, wants to help. If you haven’t yet bought your Dad a Father’s Day gift, here’s your opportunity to check out some of what’s on offer at From out-of-the-box cheap gifts to more standard thoughtful Father’s Day gifts, skip the COVID-19 lineups and shop online this year. Here’s where to look.

Android TV Box

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of us have run out of things to watch. New series’ episodes are no longer being made and there’s been a lot of searching for new programming worldwide. Give your Dad some more options. An Android TV box and remote from supports streaming services, YouTube, Bluetooth, and more.

TV Wall Mounts

A lot of fathers love their flat-screens. It’s as much a source of joy as it’s a sort of status symbol. Perhaps there’s a way to boost the aesthetic of a Dad’s home theater system and flat-screen entertainment center without spending a lot of money. A way to do that is through a TV wall mount.

Car Accessories

Some Dads like to go on long drives or have to go on extended commutes for work. Keep your Dad safe on his drives with a car phone holder air vent mount stand, USB charging cables, USB chargers for cars and vehicles, and more.

Bluetooth Home Theater Speakers

Upgrade your Dad’s home theater sound system with a Bluetooth stereo soundbar he can connect with his smartphone and other devices beyond his flat-screen to play music, watch movies, and more.

Ergonomic Home Office

If your Dad is working from home, is a creative type, or enjoys having a home office, choose ergonomic home office products to match. From height-adjustable sit-stand desks to footrests, mounts, and more, give your father a comfortable place to station himself while he works.

Wall Sockets

Dads who have a lot of gadgets that need charging may have enough USB cables but not enough outlets to get them in. They may also find they’re having to get up and down to plug something in or the opposite. There are many plug-in workarounds such as buying a multi-port USB hub, multi-port wall chargers, or a smart socket that can be turned on/off by one’s smartphone.

This is just the start. For the father figure in your life, get them something that speaks to them. Thoughtfulness says everything and you know him best. There are hundreds of Father’s Day discounts, deals, and sales going right now. Visit this week and pick out the perfect Father’s Day gift.

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The Best Father’s Day 2020 Gifts for the Home Theater Enthusiast From

As subdued as Father’s Day in the COVID-19 pandemic’s going to be, this doesn’t mean your celebrations have to exclude thoughtful gifts.

Sure, there’s the classic Father’s Day gifts of nice watches, colognes, or robe and slippers. Searching the catalogue, you’ll find plenty of Father’s Day 2020 gifts for home theater enthusiasts. For a very memorable Father’s Day, here’s where to take your eyes for purchasing decisions.

Bluetooth Stereo Soundbar

Bluetooth stereo soundbars have the look, feel, and sound of high-quality audio at a fraction of the cost of far larger multimedia speaker systems. For dads who don’t have their own speaker systems or if they’re using dated, old systems, give them a fresh upgrade with a Bluetooth soundbar.

Android 9.0 TX Box Amlogic

Speaking of upgrades, an Android smart TV box instantly takes a home theater system to new heights. Receive the operating system that sits in so many smart TVs except it’s encased in an external box. Give your father the chance to watch YouTube, surf the Internet, and watch his favourite streaming services with ease. If he doesn’t already have a smart TV, this is how you provide him with one without having to switch out his existing flat-screen.

Pull-Down TV Wall Mount

As one of the most sought-after and impressively built mounts in the home theater industry, completely change the way he watches TV with a pull-down TV wall mount. Install it over a fireplace, closer to the ceiling, or wherever you want. Pull it down to the right height and use its adjustability to position it at the right angle. If this sounds too advanced, there are other wall mounts available.

Portable Wireless Multimedia Keyboard

A portable wireless multimedia keyboard uses a multi-touch touchpad and a keyboard compatible with PCs, Androids, Mac, KODI, Windows, XBMC, and more. It’s one keyboard for every device in your father’s home theater system. This makes it easy to navigate across his entertainment inputs without having to use two or three different remotes.

USB LED Strip Lights for Background Lighting

Add some mood lighting, improve image clarity, and relieve eye fatigue. These three benefits come with USB LED strip lights. Increase the visual appeal of his home theater system for this Father’s Day. No batteries involved, these lights plug into a USB port. You also have a remote control to change colors depending on what atmosphere he wants for his room.

For the dads who love to pamper themselves with home theater accessories and new tech, affordable Father’s Day gifts can be found this year at Give your dad the opportunity to indulge in new home theater products he didn’t even know he’d love.

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See Electronic Deadbolt Lock Benefits For Your Home or Rental Property

Years ago, the best way to keep your home secure was through a deadbolt lock and key. Security’s changed a lot in the last few decades and smart home accessories combined with electronic deadbolt locks make it easy to take control.

While traditional mechanical deadbolts do an excellent job at discouraging theft, adding technology and keyless capabilities boosts what you can do. Here are some of the electronic deadbolt lock benefits to consider for your home or rental property.

Built Well

Though there are different electronic deadbolt locks available, the model is considered one of the best. With a zinc alloy body frame and a hardened steel mounting plate, no one’s getting in or out without either the key to your property or the code. Built well, it’s as tough as any deadbolt on the market.

No Keys to Carry Around

One of the more obvious advantages to an electronic deadbolt is no keys required. If you’re running, exercising, taking the dog out for a walk, or doing something active, you aren’t being weighed down by keys. There’s no fumbling at your front door after work or later at night. An electronic code is all you have to remember.

You Won’t Get Locked Out

As long as you have the keyless code, there’s always a way in. If you’ve ever had to run and forgotten your keys inside, with a mechanical deadbolt on the door, you’re not getting in. Normally, calling a locksmith or breaking a window is your best way in. When you have a smart deadbolt lock, however, all you need is the code. No breaking-and-entering required.

Easy Access to Authorized Users

If you have a service person coming in the afternoon, are sending a friend to pick up an item, and/or have a housekeeper, an electronic deadbolt is better than hiding or giving out spare home keys. Instead, give them the code. This limits their access as you can change the code when you get home and ensure that only authorized individuals are entering your property.

Easy Installation

Smart home accessories aren’t – for the most part – difficult to install. A keyless smart home deadbolt certainly fits that definition. You can do it in minutes. No wiring involved. The only tool required is a screwdriver.

Your home security starts with securing your door. An electronic deadbolt for keyless entry will exceed the performance of any traditional door lock while giving you peace of mind knowing your home’s secure. Get yours and other smart home products today at

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How to Use A Bluetooth Wireless Receiver to Convert Any Device to Bluetooth-Capable

Bluetooth receivers are an adapter you can use on any device with a 3.5mm audio port. If Bluetooth devices are normally out of your price range or if you simply don’t want to change speakers, a receiver can be purchased for under $10 and give you the audio connection you need.

Why Use A Bluetooth Receiver?

A Bluetooth adapter can be plugged into any port – laptop, tablets, mobile devices, existing speaker systems and subwoofer sets, vehicle audio systems, and more. If you enjoy streaming Spotify, listening to podcasts, and playing your private collection of tunes, a Bluetooth connection’s the best way to do it. Listen and enjoy.

How Do I Install A Bluetooth Receiver?

Plug it in – that’s the installation process. Speakers with a 3.5mm port are designed to pick up signals that come through this connection, whether that’s a wire connecting to an audio device or a receiver. Once your Bluetooth receiver is connected, you sync it up with your device and then you can send any audio you like to the receiver and it plays just like it would if it was connected by a wire.

What is the Range on a Bluetooth Receiver?

Every Bluetooth audio receiver and wireless adapter with 3.5mm jack is a little different. Most models rely on a 10-metre range which is similar to other Bluetooth devices including earbuds.’s model uses Bluetooth V3.0, supporting the A2DP music player.

How Long Does a Bluetooth Receiver Charge Last?

The answer to this question also varies device by device but most Bluetooth 3.5mm receivers maintain six hours of playtime on one full charge.

Are There Devices A Bluetooth Receiver Doesn’t Work With?

No, a receiver works with any 3.5mm ported device. A lot of consumers use it on their laptops, computers, tablets, and in their vehicles. A lot of Bluetooth receivers are also used on home entertainment centers and home theater systems to make Bluetooth speakers out of non-Bluetooth speaker systems. There’s no device it won’t work on as long as you have the right port.

How is the Audio Quality On A Bluetooth Receiver?

A Bluetooth receiver gives you great sound quality though this depends on the exact model.’s receiver is high-quality and acts as an external Bluetooth device. Think of it as identical to an external hard drive – that is, the same powerful hard drive but outside your computer. A Bluetooth receiver is the same Bluetooth technology normally built internally but portable and positioned externally.

Find Bluetooth wireless audio receivers, adapters, speakers, mounts, soundbars, and more at There’s no more convenient way to listen to podcasts, iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud, and home theater audio than with Bluetooth-capable speakers.

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Father’s Day 2020 Gift Ideas For Under $40

Father’s Day is days away. In the COVID-19 pandemic, buying Father’s Day gifts is a sort of a challenge to say the least. Make it easy on yourself by shopping at where the perfect Father’s Day gifts for under $40 are easily found.

Flat-Screen TV Wall Mount

Hang a TV like a work of art with a basic, tilt, or full-motion TV wall mount for Father’s Day. Affordable and visually impressive when watching something, wall mounts work with virtually any flat-screen as long as the VESA specifications match. Create a whole new media watching experience for dad.

Single Monitor Desk Mount

A desk mount lifts a monitor up, freeing up space on a desk. If your father has a home office, workstation, or likes to work on a computer, this is an inexpensive way to add something new to his desk. Once again, you will want to ensure you buy the right single monitor desk mount considering size of the monitor.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

If your father likes to go fishing, camping, or enjoys hitting up the beach in his free time come summer, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is low in price and a great option for wireless audio. Portable and very similar to beach radios from the latter half of the twentieth century, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker allows a user to play the music they want to hear.

Indoor Digital HDTV Antenna

An indoor digital HDTV antenna won’t pull in as many stations as an outdoor model but we’re trying to keep Father’s Day gifts under $40. Don’t get us wrong. An indoor HDTV antenna is powerful, easy to install, and will certainly give your dad even more of a reason to ‘cut the cord’. If they live near a city, it may be worth it to see what sort of channels your antenna can find.

360-Degree Magnetic Smartphone Mount

Simple and easy to use, incredibly cheap, and strong in design, a 360-degree car smartphone mount positions your device in an ideal location. Also usable with a GPS and other mobiles, they make hands-free vehicle travel easy. Send your dad on a cross-country drive or if he enjoys venturing out to places he hasn’t been, this is a sure way to ensure he’s not looking down at his phone while driving.

2.1 Bluetooth Multimedia Stereo-Powered Speaker

This one’s on the verge of the Father’s Day gifts for $40 and under mark. A 2.1 Bluetooth home theater speaker and subwoofer set can upgrade home audio in a very inexpensive way. Entertainment centers without proper audio aren’t pleasant to listen to. On top of that, if your father’s a fan of podcasts or music, a gift like this gives him something to enjoy day-in and day-out.

Find all sorts of Father’s Day gifts for under $40 at today. June 21st is on its way. Celebrate the right way – with a thoughtful gift.

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Do Waterproof Smartphone Pouches Really Work – Check It Out!

What started with waterproof cases have now led way to waterproof smartphone pouches. Quality-made, tough waterproof protection is needed for many people with smartphones. Outdoors-style adventures, working on or around water, and simply working outside a lot, smartphone pouches tend to work a lot better than cases and here’s why.

Wet Weather Will Come

Your smartphone’s going to eventually be tested by wetness. It might not be fully submerging it underwater. It could be just a downpour. Regardless, eventually, wet weather will hit your smartphone.

An Adaptable Pouch for Every Phone

Smartphone cases are designed for singular use. They are solid, non-adaptable, and meant for one specific type of phone. A waterproof pouch for smartphones can be used with Samsung, Google, iPhones, and more.

For the Every Day and the Outdoors

A high-quality dry pouch for smartphones protects your device all-around. Especially for outdoorsmen and women who go hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, kayaking, or even at the beach, a pouch is the protection you need.

Waterproof Isn’t The Only Protection

A water-resistant design has several other benefits – being dustproof, snow-proof, and scratch-resistant. The all-encompassing design doesn’t affect its touchscreen either. Your functioning continues to work, with the exception of touch ID fingerprint which can sometimes pose issues.

Take Photos And Videos With Ease

A waterproof smartphone pouch leaves a clear window on the front and back, for photo capturing and video-taking. This opens up a lot of opportunities when submerging it in water. Pouches are designed to be fully submerged while still offering protection.

Do Waterproof Smartphone Pouches Work?

Yes, they do and in a big way. Put your smartphone pouch in the bathtub, a local lake, in the ocean, at the beach, or simply hang onto it in case it falls in water. The ultimate design of’s pouches come with an air circle inside which means if your smartphone falls in water, it floats – no sinking, no losing your phone, and no dead-phone.

Store Other Items In Your Pouch

Although a waterproof pouch for smartphones is meant for phones, you can also add belongings like cards, cash, coins, and keys. If you’re out in the wilderness or in wet conditions, everything’s protected when you have a pouch. It’s the ultimate storage solution, maximizing protection all-around.

If your smartphone case isn’t giving you the best waterproof protection or you’re concerned about its performance in particularly wet conditions, consider a waterproof smartphone pouch from A dry pouch can save your butt and will ease the fear of ruining your smartphone when things get a little soaked.

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