Check out PrimeCables’ New Ergonomic Children’s Desk and Chair Set Starting at $160!

Children’s ergonomic solutions are now available through, with our brand-new children’s desk and chair sets, on sale right now starting as low as just $159.99!

PrimeCables ergonomic kid desk
PrimeCables ergonomic kid desk

This Kids’ Ergonomic Adjustable Height Desk and Chair Set features a desk, measuring at 664 x 474 x 540-760mm, with a 40-degree tilt-control top, compartmentalized drawer, and cup holder, and an amply ventilated chair, made with a high-quality, sturdy PP plastic structure, to provide an easily adjustable workstation for your child that prevents slouching and gives them a customizable workspace that’s great for homework, drawing, and laptops, as shown in this video.

It’s great for growing children, with height adjustments for both desk and chair, making it suitable for kids aged 3-14.

If customization is a key factor, then you might want to consider the larger Book Holder model, measuring at 680 x 550 x 540-760mm, and on sale now for just $199.99. This desk has a 45-degree desktop tilt function, storage drawer, pencil grooves, and space for our ergonomic desk accessory LED lamp, on sale now for just $29.99, and the chair has an ergonomically-friendly winged-back design, to reduce pressure on the spine.

If you’re looking for reasons to choose, then check out this video of ours on why you should pick the Book Holder Ergonomic Height Adjustable Children’s Desk and Chair combo!

Each desk is great for reading, writing, and drawing, with a pull-out drawer to hold books, papers, school supplies, and more, and has a safety designed anti-pinch system to keep your child from getting hurt when adjusting the height of the desktop. The desk and chair combo is easy to set up and install in their room, as demonstrated in this video, and gives them a fun, professional area to do whatever they need to do, with lots of space, features, and ergonomic support.

Ergonomic furniture isn’t exclusively part of an adult market. Kids, too, can experience fatigue from poor posture and uncomfortable, continuous sitting, and pain from poorly designed desktop workspaces.

In those first years of school, it’s important to give your child a healthy environment to complete homework assignments, read, draw, and have fun.

That’s exactly what we provide.

PrimeCables is dedicated to offering ergonomic solutions at the highest quality and lowest prices possible. All orders of $49 and up come with free shipping all across Canada, and with warehouses in Vancouver and Montreal, you’re bound to receive your purchase within a week. Fast shipping is available, too, for just $5.95.

For all your ergonomic needs, visit!

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