Designing your Ultimate Home Theater Systems by Renovating your Living Room

The layout of your living room plays a key role in implementing a home theater system. Designing the ultimate in-home entertainment experience relies heavily on what’s possible in your living room. For Canadian households who want to take their home theater system from plain to remarkable, take a look around. There may be opportunities to renovate your living room to make it more conducive to media consumption.


For many living rooms, it’s a common practice to see some sort of mass-marketed HD television mounted on a white wall. If you haven’t done so already, using a TV wall mount to suspend your screen in mid-air can establish theatre-esque viewing all ages are sure to enjoy. The next recommendation to step it up a notch is to install and add speakers with either a home theater speaker stand or mount. These are all pretty easy and somewhat inexpensive ways to maximize what’s already available in your living room. For those on a budget, start here.


For those who have a little money to spend and who want to really get into the nitty gritty of designing the ultimate home theater system for themselves, a living room renovation might be in the works. Think of your personal style and preferences. Think of the décor you may want to add to the room. Take a look through examples of some high-end luxury media spaces to get some ideas. In some cases, you may wish to put your speakers directly into the wall. In other cases, it may require a custom build to get all the accessories you want in the same area.


If you’re working with a compact space like a semi-detached home, townhouse, or condo, customizing one’s media space can assist in delivering an even more immersive, room-filling viewing experience. Consider contacting a renovation company experienced in home theater-based constructions. They may have specific recommendations regarding audio working in the space’s acoustics, the size of the room, how many people the room is intended to accommodate, in-wall options, the possibility of using a projector instead of a TV screen, and more.


Leverage your budget and enjoy a well-designed, home theater integrated space. Shop your home theater renovations with PrimeCables and enjoy the lowest prices in Canada on mounts, stands, HDTV antennas, media streaming devices, media boxes, projectors, projector screens, A/V receivers, pro audio, speaker systems, soundbars, HDMI cables, home theater cables, and more!

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