Use In-Wall Speakers And A Subwoofer For Home Theater Surround Sound

In-wall speakers make up an audio system you put directly into the wall. There’s no external speaker with this type of audio system. They are built into the wall, often combined with a wall-mounted flat-screen to keep everything flush, flat, and stylish with maximum space savings.

What Do In-Wall Speakers Look Like?

In-wall speakers are often shaped like a square or rectangle. They are similar in aesthetic to bookshelf speakers.

In-wall speakers are used frequently in offices, restaurants, and places of business. They look extremely stylish and sleek, and premium in look. This is what’s brought more homes to adopt a contained in-wall look with their home theater systems.

How Is An In-Wall Speaker Built?

A regular pair of speakers come in a wooden or plastic box as it appears but in-wall speakers don’t need a container.

In-wall speakers need to be light, adaptive, and easily put into the wall. This means the tech is open, exposed, and viewable.

There’s a cone driver, usually in Kevlar, that’s light, strong, and clean in bass reproduction. A lightweight transducer here further emphasizes a clean sound. Titanium silk is a common way to project warm tones with clarity. Other design modifications are made with in-wall speakers to present sweet highs, booming bass, and to ensure accurate acoustics in use.

Caliber In-Wall Speakers, 6.5in Fiber 2-Way (pair) – Monoprice®

How Do In-Wall Speakers Sound?

In-wall speakers sound just like external speakers. There is no difference in sound quality.

Some homeowners may be concerned with sound traveling upward along the wall. It’s comparable to having a speaker system pressed up against the wall, except in-wall audio speakers face outward which projects the sound to the viewer as opposed to up the wall. This minimizes the sort of disturbance, either in sound or vibration, that some may be concerned for.

What Do I Need to Install In-Wall Speakers?

How to install in-wall speakers is simple.

You need a stud finder, carpenter’s level, drywall cutter, speaker wire, wire strippers, and screwdriver.

Use a stud finder to locate metal pipes, AC wires, and any other obstacles in the wall. Do a thorough check. You don’t want to cut into any pipes or wires. Start with a small hole and do an inspection with a bent clothes-hanger.

Once you’re sure the wall is ready for speaker placement, cut the drywall. Install your set of speakers inside the hole. Also, be sure to use speaker wire approved for in-wall runs, aka UL-rated wire.

Home theater surround sound has never looked so sleek and tasteful as it does with in-wall mounted speakers. Check in at for in-wall speakers, surround sound systems, Bluetooth-enabled speakers, and more. A great addition to your home theater, enjoy audio premium in quality and accurate in sound reproduction.

Should I Use A TV Ceiling Mount For My Space? – See Here!

Mounting a flat-screen to a wall is not always an option.

When it isn’t, a heavy-duty TV ceiling mount is the next best option in crafting a truly immersive home theater setup.

TV ceiling mounts are already common in large commercial settings. They’re routinely featured inside gyms and fitness centers, school and education settings, restaurants, libraries, museums, banks, and shopping malls.

If you have any doubts about a ceiling mount being a good choice for your space, see commercial applications for how it’s done.

Using Vertical Space Instead of the Wall

Look around. There’s probably a lot of unused vertical space in your home. We occupy width, failing to take into account the height we aren’t using. When positioning a TV to save space without access to a wall, holding it up from a ceiling mount is best.

A ceiling mount uses a pole extending down and providing a platform. Some mounts can be rotated, levelled, or adjusted according to the angle you like.

In finding an optimal viewing position, a mount provides similar functionality as a flat-screen TV wall mount can.

Heavy-Duty TV Ceiling Mount for Most 37″-80″ TV – PrimeCables®

What TV Ceiling Mount Should You Buy?

Just like with a wall mount, when you buy a TV ceiling mount, it’s got to match your flat-screen.

A ceiling mount should be tagged with the right weight and size specifications. As ceiling TV mounts are used commercially, they are generally built in a very heavy-duty way. They accommodate larger-sized TVs. That said, the specifications still must match.

You will also want a ceiling with the right functionality. Do you want a tilt and swivel – most TV ceiling mounts offer that but this isn’t guaranteed.

What You Need to Install A TV Ceiling Mount

To install a TV ceiling mount, one must attach the mounting brackets inside the VESA holes of a flat-screen.

The main thing is to ensure the ceiling mount plate is correctly installed. You will need a ceiling stud. Use your stud finder and a ladder to locate one. No studs mean the plate might not have enough support to keep your flat-screen up so do ensure you’ve got studs marked in pencil.

Next, drill holes into the ceiling for the TV wires if needed. If you don’t intend to feed the wire through, skip straight to fastening the ceiling mount to the ceiling studs.

Once you’re confident the plate is secure, mount your flat-screen and you’re done!

It’s near-identical to fastening a TV wall mount. You have the studs, the plate, and the mount brackets. They fit together in a very similar way. All in all, if you’ve already installed a wall mount, you’ll be fully ready to tackle a ceiling mount.

Are you looking for a ceiling mount for your flat-screen – check it out at today.

How to Use A Silicone Wrap to Avoid Tangled Earbud Cables

The most common reason why earbuds break is due to the wire being tangled or incorrectly wrapped.

As we constantly wrap and unwrap a wire – be it for earbuds, USB cables, or otherwise – this damages the technology inside. It gets bent back and forth repeatedly. Eventually, this wire separates and then you have a broken wire.

USB cables stop charging or they don’t sync anymore. Earbuds may stop working in one ear or you may be able to physically see the wire starting to rip apart and break open. A cable management approach to these sorts of cables and wires is what’s needed.

How to Use A Silicone Earbud Wrap

A silicone magnetic wrap is the perfect way to make your earbuds last. This silicone disk is a product that allows you to wrap around your earbuds in a safe, concise manner, eliminating tangles before they occur.

A silicone earbud wrap is portable so you can toss it in your purse or carry it with you in a side pocket.

There are very few cable management products you can carry with you but fortunately, this is one.

In winter when temperatures are below freezing, this is also a great way to preserve the cable. Earbud wire freezes, like anything. When this happens, as we unwrap or wrap it, we create damage. We may not know it then but that’s a very, very rough way to use your USB cable or earbuds.

Soft Silicone Magnetic Earbud Cable Management Wrap Winder – PrimeCables®

An Organized Way to Avoid Breaking Your USB Cable

USB cables are the exact same way. They break in the same way. At a certain point, they’re also prone to tangling.

USB cables can be used with this silicone earbud wrap and stored safely. The gentle magnet incorporated inside the silicone wrap also holds wires in place, whether it’s USB, earbuds, or anything else.

Your cable remains organized and isolated, and easier to carry than a loose wire. Similar cable management systems are used for RCA cables, HDMI cables, computer cables, audio cables, and more.

When you’re ready, coil your cable slack around the spook. The magnet in the middle of the spindle will work with you to place everything where it needs to be and ensure your cable or earbud wire sits correctly. is a leader in cables, adapters, and consumer tech. Visit us today for cable management systems alongside USB cables, Bluetooth wired earbuds, and affordably priced earbuds from top brands.

How Many Watts Should A USB Wall Charger Have For Fast-Charging – See Here!

We all want our USB devices to charge as quickly as possible. Even with a fast-charging cable, unfortunately, we are still limited by the wattage provided.

Every USB port has a certain wattage specification. For example, a PC USB charging port will deliver 2.5 watts of power. This used to be quite good but is very minimal today. If you are purchasing a USB wall charger, consider the wattage.

5W USB Wall Charger

An average USB wall charger is five watts. A 5W USB wall charger is a great universal single-port connection for iPhones, Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, and other devices.

Five watts is respectable. It is the current charging standard though is not marketed as ‘fast-charging’.

Please note that your device will work on a 5W charger just like it will a 10W charger or anything more. No device is strict to any sort of wattage and most USB chargers have various design protections which should protect what’s being charged.

To anyone who bought a phone pre-2019, the standard charger that comes with an iPhone or Android is equipped for 5 watts of power.

5W Universal USB Single Port Wall Charger, Foldable Plug, 5V 1A, White – PrimeCables® – 2/Pack

10W USB Wall Charger

One of the best USB wall plugs today is double the wattage at 10W USB wall charger. Also a universal single port connection, it functions a lot of the same way and operates at a slightly higher DC output and AC input.

The more wattage you have going, the more risk that a device can be damaged. This is why chargers incorporate various mechanisms to prevent overcharging, such as over-current protection, over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, over-heating protection, overload protection, surge protection, over-charge protection, and under-voltage protection.

Universal USB Dual Ports Wall Charger, 10W 5V 2.1A, Foldable Plug, White – PrimeCables® – 1/Pack

The latest generation of phone chargers that have come out in the past two years provides 12 watts of power.

A smartphone that is dead can go from zero to 100% in nearly 90 minutes with a 12W charger combined with a USB Type-C cable.

A plug that is 10-12 watts will charge a phone up to 4 times faster than normal. This is very impressive, although again one must have the right device and the right cable. There are numerous variables at play, besides the wall charger.

Fast-charging USB chargers are available today on sale from While you’re shopping USB accessories, consider cables, adapters, and other items you may want to support your devices. Get it all at for iPhones, Androids, Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, and others.

Benefits of An Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

An anti-fatigue mat doesn’t look like much. To some people, a standing mat is just a very thick piece of foam.

Standing doesn’t look like much either, to be fair. Standing is seemingly a pretty natural position to take. A person may think they can stay standing for hours. The reality, however, is very, very different.

When we stand, we put pressure on our frame. As we walk, we constantly relieve this pressure minimizing the aches and pains that would otherwise come with prolonged standing. For employees or workers who have to stay in a standing position for hours on-end, sore feet and a sore back are likely things you contend with on the regular.

How Does An Anti-Fatigue Mat Work?

An anti-fatigue standing mat can make a difference. This mat offers a soft foam core, a condensed cushion that has been scientifically proven to alleviate pressure on one’s spine and knee joints.

Thousands of people have found out the benefits of anti-fatigue mats. The sinking support of a mat helps to eliminate the pressure on problematic areas on the frame. It also provides more support to the legs and lower back.

You can use it in the kitchen as you do food prep and cooking. Office workers with ergonomic standing desks can use it to alleviate pressure on the lower back. It can also be used at home simply as a soft surface to work on.

Spending time on your feet doesn’t have to be so difficult with a non-slip anti-fatigue mat.

Anti-fatigue Standing Mat Multi-Purpose Comfort Mat – PrimeCables®

What is in An Anti-Fatigue Mat?

Due to the variety of environments a mat is used in, some key components to the design are heavily important.

The outer layer is typically stain-resistant, minimizing the risk that kitchen food and drink spills can have. The material that makes up an anti-fatigue mat is moisture-resistant and can be easily cleaned using soap and water.

The slanted anti-curl edges also prevent the risk of tripping as one steps on and off the mat’s surface. On the underside of the mat, there is commonly an anti-slip or non-slip layer. Just like how a washroom mat is designed, you don’t want an anti-fatigue mat slipping around on tile or hardwood. The anti-slip aspect of an anti-fatigue mat is key to its safety product.

If you’re someone who has to contend with their feet hurting, low back pain, or you lack the endurance you once had to remain standing and working or doing your thing, try a standing mat. Visit us today and see why this product is one of the best rated standing mats in Canada!

Why A Steel Floor Stand for A Dyson Vacuum Just Makes Sense

A vacuum. A necessary household item to tidy carpets, rugs, and floors yet so difficult to keep stored out of the way.

Most resort to putting it in a closet or corner, loose and unappealing. Few think about a steel vacuum stand.

They make stands and mounts for just about anything imaginable these days, from speaker systems to flat-screens. You may not think vacuums to be on that list but they are.

A high-quality stand for a vacuum has to be built well enough to stand on its own, without any potential risk of tipping. For this, a cheap stand will not work. The model for vacuums exceeds every expectation for a vacuum stand, fortunately.

Set it in a corner or wherever you wish. There’s no need to mount it or affix it permanently to a space. Then, lift and place your vacuum inside along with any attachments. This steel floor vacuum stand keeps everything vacuum-related together.

A Perfect Vacuum Storage Solution For A Condo

For smaller spaces where every inch matters, you don’t want your vacuum taking up any more space than what’s necessary.

A vacuum cleaner stand assigns a station in which to set your vacuum that isn’t drilled into the wall. No drill marks. No holes. No scratches. It’s portable to anywhere you see fit, keeping a vacuum’s contents assembled in an easy-to-retrieve design.

The thick base on the model also ensures stability and not at the expense of what’s aesthetically fashionable.

Large Base with Dividing Bar
Steel Floor Stand for Dyson® Vacuums

Where’s the Best Place to Store A Vacuum?

Homeowners will put their vacuums in various places around the house. A steel stand allows someone to put theirs almost anywhere.

Placing it in a closet is unattractive, awkward, and opens it to damage due to its size and vulnerable shape.

The garage or a storage unit are places where we like to put everything that doesn’t fit. Don’t assign your vacuum placement here, especially if you intend to use it semi-regularly in your residence.

Hallways are an opportunity to store the vacuum if you have a nook, cranny, or corner that’s going unused and which suits the shape of your Dyson vacuum. Though convenient, it’s an eyesore keeping a vacuum in plain sight.

You don’t have to worry about the kitchen’s hardwood floors or tile floors as the vacuum stand has anti-slip silicone pads that prevent floor scratching and damage that can come from such stands.

Dyson is one of Canada’s best vacuum cleaners. Match yours with a steel floor stand from It will come in handy! Keep your floors tidy, dust out of the air, and allergy symptoms to a minimum. Visit us today.

See the Hair Dryer Wall Mount with the Best Reviews in Canada

A hair dryer is an essential item in getting one’s hair styled and shaped just right before any occasion.

Like other products, a hair dryer doesn’t sit easy on the countertop. Its shape is tough to neatly keep in a drawer or on the shelf. Thankfully, a hair dryer mount affixed to the wall provides an excellent location to put yours.

Why A Hair Dryer’s Design is Problematic

A hair dryer comes with multiple attachments. Those have to be put somewhere. The cord attached to the hair dryer has to be wound and secured. The shape of the hair dryer itself is strange and does not stack or store well.

A hair dryer wall mount can be stationed on most surfaces. Be it tile, drywall, glass, metal, wood, or brick, once you’ve installed the mount you have a neat place to position the main dryer machine as well as a hook to hold the wound cord and secure placements for the hair dryer attachments.

Nothing is loose or lost. Everything about your hair dryer is kept organized and away from sink spillage, moisture, or any bathroom countertop activities that could pose a threat to its functionality. This is all done with a magnetic holder on a mount.

How Secure Is A Hair Dryer Mount?

If the mount is installed correctly, it is secure. A Dyson Supersonic wall mount uses a magnetic holder to keep the appliance locked in place. A silicone pad also prevents scratching or accidental dropping.

Furthermore, the cable management hook is designed to prevent anything from catching and pulling down the appliance by accident.

There’s no better hair dryer storage option going. Magnetic holders like these are used in commercial hair salons and by professionals. There’s no reason not to have the same convenience in your own washroom.

Hair Dryer Wall Mount Magnetic Holder For Dyson Supersonic™

The powder-coated finish and beech trim is an easy color combination to blend in with most existing bathroom décor aesthetics. You can keep it in arm’s reach or wherever is comfortable. Even in smaller washrooms, there’s always a place for a hair dryer wall mount in the room.

No more tangled cords. No more clunky hair dryers left out on the counter. Keep things well organized and your bathroom neat and tidy.

Cutting down on clutter through simple affordable home storage options like this hair dryer magnetic mount makes getting ready in the morning and then relaxing in the evening so much easier.

Give your hair dryer a designated home with a hair dryer stand. It’s a key piece of storage most never knew they needed until they had it. Find beauty storage solutions in high-quality, affordable storage products at,, and other Canada-only brands.

What You Can Do With A Selfie Bluetooth Wireless Remote

A selfie Bluetooth wireless remote allows a smartphone user to take photos with the push of a thumb.

Usable with any smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled device, you pair the selfie remote like any Bluetooth device. Then, as you press down on the button, you can snap photos or direct videos distances away.

Portrait Photography

Professional photographers use remote controls all the time to take portraits and landscape photography. If you are trying to capture a sequence of photos in a span of time, a remote control’s the easiest way to make it happen.

Take Wildlife Photos

If you’re trying to capture photos of wildlife, a pet, or animals, set up your camera in position. Wirelessly, you can connect your camera remote control and then you will be ready when the moment strikes.

Sports Photos

At a sports game, there’s a lot of action and noise. A mistake made in taking a photo sans Bluetooth remote can mean a shaky image. Reduce shakiness. Set up your smartphone on a stand, wait for the right moment, and hit the button on your remote control. Take multiple photographs, selecting the best later.

Selfie Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Camera Shutter Release Selfie Timer – PrimeCables®

Event Photography

Capturing wide shots documenting an event is tough because events are living, breathing circumstances that are always changing. You being in the same location for the entirety is challenging and often impossible. Set up a camera instead, holding onto your wireless selfie remote control to take photos as things move along.

Film Performances

If you enjoy playing music, are a YouTube creator, or want to document some kind of performance you are giving, evidently being behind a camera is not where you can be. A Bluetooth camera remote gives you the potential to pause, take photos, start and stop video, and more as you see fit.

Selfie Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Camera Shutter Release Selfie Timer – PrimeCables®

Take Family Photos

It’s difficult taking family photos with a smartphone user in them. Most set their camera timer and run out in front just in time to catch a rushed photo. Instead, take out your smartphone’s selfie Bluetooth remote control and get comfortable with the family, pressing down with your thumb when you’re ready. It’s so much easier.

Take Repeated Photos

Whether you want to take selfie after selfie or photo after photo in front of a specific backdrop, holding a camera in place in perpetuity is going to lead to arm shakes and soreness. Take repeated photos with a selfie remote control and your camera pre-positioned in place.

Visit today to purchase a selfie Bluetooth wireless remote and expand the possibilities of your photography. Even if all you do with it is take family photos, it’s so much simpler with a remote. Try it!

Types of Monitor Mounts

A monitor mount modifies the classic home office desk or workstation into something more advanced, trendy, and immersive.

There are several types of monitor mounts available, not only in size and shape but also in functionality and the amount of screens it can carry.

Single Monitor Desk Mount

If you want the most basic monitor mount or the most affordable monitor mount, try this single monitor desk mount. It’s very basic. There’s not much motion or tilt. It’s stable though and it works. The articulating stand does provide some ways to adjust the angle so it’s not all bad.

Single Monitor Desk Mount Adjustable Articulating Stand – PrimeCables®

Dual Monitor Gas Spring Mount

A dual monitor gas spring mount uses a gas spring design to lift up and hold monitors in place. Offering 360-degree functionality, gas springs are one of the most stable monitor mount types available. Your monitors are in strong, reliable hands with a mount like this.

Dual screen Gas Spring 360 degrees desktop mount For most 17″-30″ LCD monitors PrimeCables®

Aircraft Aluminum Desktop Mount

An aluminum dual screen desktop mount carries two monitors, up to 27” in size, and switches between portrait and landscape orientation. The white color presents a concise look that suits various décor themes, should you be concerned about look.

Full Motion Dual Screen Desktop Mount for 10″-27″ Monitors, Aircraft Aluminium, White – PrimeCables®

Full-Motion Dual Monitor Mount

A full-motion dual monitor mount looks like a ‘T’ at the edge of your desk. The ‘dual’ indicates it can carry two monitors. The motion also allows one to angle monitors as they see fit, accommodating glare and other issues. Form a ‘T’, a ‘V’, an ‘L’, or other configurations.

Full Motion Dual Monitor Desk Mount for 13″-27″ Monitors – PrimeCables®

3-Way Adjustable Mount Bracket

If you intend to do a lot of movement with your monitor – such as if you’re using it for multiple purposes – try a 3-way adjustable mount bracket. Swivel, rotate, tilt, and adjust without wearing down the gears or worrying about stability.

Adjustable Tilting Desk Mount Bracket

For a similar mount, this adjustable tilting desk mount bracket allows one to adjust the angle of LCD monitors to match the viewing perspective. It’s a high-end model that is well worth the consideration if you need a bracket to maximize rotation.

Triple Screen Monitor Mount

A triple screen desktop monitor mount carries three sides up to 30” in size, with the ability to tilt, swivel, rotate, and adjust up to 90 degrees any way. Some prefer to use multiple single monitor mounts around a desk, however, if you decide to tack on three monitors on a mount to save space, it’s a fine approach.

Triple Screen Desktop Mount for 10”-30” (25” in width)Two Sided Mounts Swivel ±90° – PrimeCables®

Quad Monitor Articulating Arm Desk Mount

Do you have four monitors or more at your desk – don’t think you can’t mount them. This quad monitor articulating desk mount can save a ton of space and provides a stable, full-motion articulating arm on which to set your monitors. Swivel, tilt, move upward or downward, and/or rotate.

Essential Quad Monitor Articulating Arm Desk Mount – Monoprice®

Check out hot deals on monitor mounts for every home office or desktop. Visit today.

Must-Have Home Gadgets for Under $45 to Keep Your Home Tidy and Trendy

Don’t live in a boring, uninspired space. Make it exciting! Here are life-changing must-have gadgets for under $45 to help give your home something new to fixate on and get you hyped waking up in the morning.

TV Wall Mount

The home theater area or where you watch TV is a popular place to install home gadgets for regular use. A TV wall mount offers a specific theatrical presentation you can’t achieve with a screen on a table or stand. Choose from basic non-tilt mounts to over-the-fireplace TV wall mounts.

1080p HD Pan and Tilt Webcam

No matter who good your Windows or Mac laptop is, the camera probably sacrifices a lot in quality. Buy a 1080p HD webcam and never have to worry about poor lighting conditions or unfocused, pixelated video at least on your end.

Full 1080P HD USB Pan & Tilt Rotantion Video Webcam with Microphone & Privacy Cover – PrimeCables®

Indoor HDTV Antenna

An indoor HDTV antenna picks up free over-the-air signals you don’t have to pay for. You may discover after a few weeks of using your antenna you don’t need your cable subscription. It’s happened!

Monitor Mount for Displays Up to 27”

Create more space on your desktop. An underrated life hack for home offices is the use of a monitor mount. Elevate your screen and craft a more advanced-looking desk without losing stability.

Monitor Desk Stand H80 Fits most 17″ to 27″ displays

Portable Wireless Multimedia Keyboard

A mini 2.4GHz wireless multimedia keyboard is a remote control that rules all! Have a single keyboard and remote to operate your TV, PC, Android TV box, Blu-Ray player, gaming consoles, and more.

Over-the-Ear Headphones

Over-the-ear headphones with a mic included is perfect for gaming, work, and any circumstances where you need to be able to communicate over the Internet. The over-the-ear design also delivers more immersive listening that eliminates outside noise.

Premium Headphones Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Pro – PrimeCables®

5-Port USB Smart Charger

A multi-port USB charger gives you a place to charge your smartphone, tablet, FitBit, or any devices that need a regular charge. You can never have enough cables or ports. Stop denying yourself the chance to charge multiple devices. Equip yourself with the right tools to always guarantee a healthy charge!

Selfie 10” Ring Light with Tripod Stand

Capture professional-grade photos with this selfie ring light and tripod combo. Snap photos or videos in the best light. Put them up on social media and create a persona tailored to your ambitions personal or professional.

Selfie 10” Ring Light with Adjustable Tripod Stand & Phone Holder for Makeup Live Streaming

Adjustable Laptop Stand

Do you have a work-from-home setup – if so, a home office is heightened in appeal with an adjustable laptop stand you can take with you to bed, the couch, or in travel. Increase productivity and work comfortably no matter where you are.

There’s a gadget for every room in the house! Visit to find home theater tech, cables, adapters, tech accessories, and more.