How to Save Space using an Ergonomic Monitor Arm

Monitor desk mounts are purchased for many different reasons. The ability to lift your monitor above your desk’s surface and provide more space to work with comes with a number of advantages. Reducing clutter and seeing stronger concentration is also never a bad thing. How to save space using an ergonomic monitor arm involves considering price v. quality on some of the best monitor desk mounts in Canada. Browse the PrimeCables’ catalogue for more insight into how to make the monitor viewing experience more comfortable and relaxing.

For those of us that are saddled with a desktop monitor, a monitor arm is a necessity to maximizing space opportunities. Also, by employing an ergonomic monitor setup, you reduce the stresses on the body that come with prolonged sitting and monitors improperly placed in relation to its user. Some of the best single monitor mount products typically also come with rotation, swivel, and height adjustment capabilities, which creates a truly immersive and interactive monitor experience. Needless to say, saving space using an ergonomic monitor arm is quite the upgrade for most persons’ existing desktop setups.

Browsing the current list of PrimeCables office monitor products, one of the most popular in Canada is the PrimeCables® Single Monitor Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount available today for only $159.99 with fast, free shipping included to anywhere in Canada. For LED and LCD monitor screens up to 32”, this single monitor desk mount should more than do the trick! The detachable VESA plate makes installation easy, the grommet and clamp base are easily adaptable to desk surfaces, and, after installed, the full-motion mechanism built into its design allows the user to swivel, tilt, and rotate the screen as needed.

PrimeCables® Single Monitor Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount
PrimeCables® Single Monitor Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount

Imagine being able to sit down at your desk and look up to see your monitor already in the perfect place. Now, with full motion, extensive size compatibility, and easy installation, there’s no reason not to consider an upgrade. The amount of space you save might also be able to help keep things more organized and focused. For smaller desks, the PrimeCables® Single Monitor Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount is a great option for these reasons among others. You’ll be thankful to have a neat and clutter-free appearance with integrated cable management using this single monitor mount.

Shop today with PrimeCables to begin saving valuable desk space with this ergonomic monitor arm. Believe us when we say that things will be a lot more organized and tangle-free when you throw this mount into the mix. Buy today to begin seeing the difference.

Which HDMI Cable should I Buy?

which hdmi cable should I buy.jpg

In the last decade, HDMI cables have flooded the market with numerous types to choose from. As a Canadian, knowing  what HDMI cable is right for your home depends on a few different things. For example, consider length. For some applications, short to medium sized HDMI cables might be the ideal. Then, for others, you may require a super long HDMI cable and for some applications, a user might want a super, super short HDMI cable. Thus, there is length as one differential.


There’s also the connector on the other end of the HDMI cable that you want to pay attention to. HDMI cables range from those that specialize in 2.0 4K technology to those incorporating connectors with Ethernet, micro, mini, VGA, DVI, flat-type, ultra-slim, and more. Check the device or devices you wish to plug into your TV. The port type they have will determine what HDMI cable you should be looking for. As one of Canada’s top eCommerce cable retailers, we have all types of HDMI cables to browse through. Buy from PrimeCables today, and receive your HDMI cable with free returns and a 1-year guarantee included.


Let’s say you are having some difficulty selecting just one HDMI cable for the house, picking up a few for different devices is not such a bad plan – especially if you want to set up these devices and then leave them stationary in one area of the house. Please note there are some adapters you can buy to transform an HDMI cable into multi-purpose. If an HDMI cable is intended to be used for multiple devices with different ports, considering whether an adapter is more appropriate than multiple cables might see some benefit.


There’s also a matter of price when it comes to HDMI cables. As it pertains to the technology inside, the cost of HDMI cables can add up quick. At PrimeCables, we recognize this. That’s why we have done everything we can to lower the cost of HDMI cables. At PrimeCables, some of our biggest sellers among Canadian households include the HDMI to HDMI 6Ft cable Premium 3D, 1.4 High Speed Ethernet Cable (Gold Plated) for $2.99, the HDMI to HDMI 25Ft cable Premium 3D, 1.4, 24K Gold Plated for $12.99, the 6ft HDMI to DVI-D Dual Link 28AWG High-Speed Bi-Directional Cable – Black for $4.99, and the HDMI to HDMI 10Ft cable Premium 3D, 1.4, 24K Gold Plated for $5.39.


Knowing what HDMI cable to choose for your home comes down to these components and potentially others. Enjoy ultra-HD, 1080p resolution with support for multiple audio channels, and more when you shop HDMI cables at Canada’s own PrimeCables.

Looking for the Best Digital TV Antenna in 2018?


Digital TV antennas get you free TV without having to pay any telecom giant for it. Imagine that. Being able to cut down your utility bill without sacrificing the ability to watch your favourite TV channels.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about digital TV antennas. For example, many think they won’t be able to get high-definition TV with an antenna – they actually can! Though we know ‘cord cutting’ might make people a little nervous, with a digital TV antenna, you don’t need to lose access to live network TV. By picking up an HDTV antenna, you can continue watching some of your favourite programs in crystal clear 1080p high-definition from some of Canada’s biggest networks.

When one thinks about installing a digital TV antenna, you might think of those big ugly rabbit ears from decades past. Digital tech has come so far that the antennas they make today are high quality and intelligently designed. There’s also no need to hang it anywhere specific. Many people choose to tuck it away behind the TV.

Though there’s no guarantee on what channels you might be able to receive on your digital TV antenna, some of the more popular ones in Canada include CBC, CTV, Global, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and PBS, among others. Depending on the quality of the digital TV antenna and how far its range is, you might have as few as three or four channels or you might be able to get upwards of twenty and more. The ultimate thing for cord cutters is that they never have to pay for their cable again. Combine a digital TV antenna with YouTube and other means of consuming media, and you shouldn’t have any problem finding shows to watch. Local news, weather forecasts, sports, kids shows, and popular sitcoms are all out there, ready to be caught by a digital antenna.

If you’re looking for the best digital TV antennas in 2018, there are more affordable options to choose from, with the Digital TV Antenna Digiwave BMX Innovative Super Flat-Digiwave for $14.99, the PrimeCables® HDTV Outdoor Antenna High Gain for both VHF/UHF for $22.99, and the UHF Outdoor Digital TV Antenna- Up to 70 Mile Range for $32.99.

Then again, if you are looking for a digital TV antenna at a higher price point and with more distance, there’s highly recommended products such as the 360 Degree Adjustable Multidirectional Super 8 Bay TV Antenna – Up to 70 Mile Range for $105.99.

To find the best digital TV antenna for your home, it comes down to your preference, budget, and what you hope to accomplish by cord cutting. Don’t let high prices from some of Canada’s largest corporations deter you from having and enjoying TV. Get rid of them and go with a digital TV antenna!

TV Wall Mount Buying Guide

tv wall mount buying guide.jpg

Finding which type of TV wall mount is right for your home can be a long process. Before affixing a flat-panel TV to the wall, there are a few things to consider regarding how you want to mount it.

Very few TVs come equipped with their own wall mount. That means having to buy an independent TV wall mount. The first step towards that is knowing your TV’s specifications, including its size and weight. From there, knowing what options you have in terms of mount type is important. There are fixed, tilt, swivel, and full-motion mounts. The more basic, fixed TV wall mount design is the most affordable option so if you’re looking to get the best deal, this might be where it’s at. That said, there is something to be said for having the ability to tilt the TV to reduce glare, swivel it to different parts of the room, or having full-motion capabilities.


Think about the space in which the TV wall mount is set to be installed. If it’s a smaller room, maximizing available space with a fixed, basic mount is worth considering. If there are different seats spread out in a larger room, choosing an adjustable TV wall mount may be worth it. If there are issues with glare coming from light sources or windows, a mount that angles is necessary.


Most Canadians just getting into home theater systems and looking for simple, affordable ways to create a more immersive viewing experience, the basic option is more than enough. If one does choose a fixed mount, ensure that you will be sitting directly in front of the TV and that it is possible to position it at the correct height for viewing. In our experience, this is not always possible which means going with a tilt mount would be your next best bet. Keep in mind that if one chooses a tilt, the TV will be required to be a few additional inches from the wall. If the TV is above a fireplace or high on the wall, a tilt is almost necessary in order to be able to watch effectively any time of day.


The TV wall mounts that come with more motion to them, such as side-to-side swivel and full-motion, is great for those who can afford it and for anyone who needs to adjust the TV in a larger room. Ultimately, it’s about personalizing the viewing experience to your needs. Buy the TV wall mount best suits your needs and take advantage of the cleaner, more space-efficient look that comes with it.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a TV Wall Mount

how to mount your tv.jpg

So many different types of TV wall mounts, affixing an HDTV to the wall and doing away with the old-style television stand has never been easier. No matter the style or size of the TV, there’s more than likely a way to mount it.

Do take the time to research what style best suits your space. Enabling full-motion, swivel, tilt, and fixed options, choose the degree of movement you want. Fixed keeps the television locked in, unable to even tilt it. Meanwhile, tilts typically allow for some movement up to 15 degrees, helping to reduce glare and providing a more in-line viewing experience. Tilt-and-swivel options provide some ways to adjust the placement of a TV, which is ideal for a larger sized room with a range of seating.

Do get the specifications of the TV, including size in inches, measurements on shape, weight, and anything else that may appear in its specifications. Sometimes, size and weight are not suitable for some mounts. Also, do be sure to get the VESA specifications as well. The VESA numbers will be able to tell you whether the TV will fit correctly and securely in the mount. The VESA numbers indicate the system of screws, which is something admittedly highly important.

Do take the time to ensure the TV wall mount is correctly installed. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction and, if it’s a TV larger than 27 inches, consider having a friend provide a helping hand. It will be difficult to handle a TV at the same time that it is being placed and secured to the mount.

Don’t forget about checking for studs prior to installing a TV wall mount and ensure that everything is properly secured. Compromising on safety and quality is not something you want to do, when it comes to handling such an expensive item. A TV wall mount that is incorrectly installed or a TV that is not secured to the mount properly can result in your wall and TV being damaged, resulting in repairs that are going to be expensive to get done.


The do’s and don’ts of buying a TV wall mount ultimately involve following manufacturer’s instruction and doing the research to ensure your TV is being properly paired with its mount. Be it fixed, tilting, or full-motion, the type of mount you choose is entirely up to you.

Feel encouraged to experiment with different TV wall mount possibilities for your viewing space. As it pertains to where seats are placed and limitations on where a TV could be placed, you may already have a pretty good idea on what works.

PrimeCables’ Portable Car Jump Starter Battery Boost


The PrimeCables’ Portable Car Jump Starter Battery Boost is an exclusive item only available through PrimeCables’ online catalogue. For a limited time only, receive free shipping to anywhere in Canada on this item and receive it all at the low price of $89.99.

For over a decade, Canadians have been coming to PrimeCables seeking products just like this battery booster and phone charger. Corporate retailers have done well pricing such items lower than mom-and-pop shops. For specialty products such as this portable care jump starter battery booster, companies like Prime Cables have been able to bring prices even lower. Nowhere else in Canada will consumers find a battery booster and phone charger at this price. With free shipping included, we know this deal is hard to pass up. Better yet, buy today and receive the 4-in-1 USB charging cable as a gift – set with the latest technology, USB-A to Mini-USB/Micro-USB/Lightning/Apple-30 pin. Powerful and compact, and with a smart charging port built into the design, the high quality performance of this product is in part responsible for its high customer ratings.

8b2a4-PrimeCables-Cab-K09S-12000-Tools-Testers-12000mAh-Portable-Car-Jump-Starter-Battery-Booster-and-Phone-Charger-wit-PrimeCables-.jpgFor when you need a car jump starter, having one on hand can be a huge blessing. The PrimeCables model has a 500A peak current output, and the capability to start a 3.0L and lower gas engine, or a 2.5 L and lower diesel turbine of 12V. The LED flashlight function means that if it needs to be used after the sun’s gone down, you’re still covered. Bonus, as a mobile power bank, a driver can use it to help charge devices and as a power source to go to in emergencies. Charge smartphones, tablets, cameras, and whatever you need. Compact and lightweight, if there’s one thing you can depend on, it’s this car jump starter battery boost’s performance.

Don’t be stuck out in an emergency without a battery car jump starter. There might not always be someone there to help you. When you’re on your own, you’ll be thankful for this portable emergency battery car jump starter. For more information, feel free to check the user reviews. Equipped with everything you need to start your vehicle, and with the ability to fully charge smartphones and other mobile devices, we are proud to have this model in our catalogue. We hope Canadian consumers are just as impressed with this car jump starter battery boost as we are.

As it pertains to PrimeCables products, every order comes with a 1-year guarantee and free returns. Buy the PrimeCables portable car jump starter battery boost product to receive one of the highest quality items in this category.

Meet the Ethernet Network RJ-45 Crimper Tester


For anyone searching for a crimping, cutting, and stripping tool, the Ethernet Network RJ-45 model is among the highest quality in its category. This impressive tool is a 3-in-1 nine-piece combination set, available exclusively through PrimeCables at a price of $38.99.


Buy the Ethernet Network Stripping Crimping Tester Punch-Down Tool 9-piece Combo and receive a professional, high quality set of network cable repair tools. Conveniently placed in an arranged collection and portable to anywhere you might need to travel to, many contractors and Canadian homeowners have come to us to buy these cools. Ideal for testing and troubleshooting network cabling installation, you can depend on the Ethernet Network RJ-45 Crimper Tester.


For only $38.99 (without any additional discounts that may be applied), the package comes with a cable crimper, cable tester, network wire punch-down tool, RJ45 crystal connectors, a wire stripping knife, a multi-function UTP/STP cable stripper, a Phillips screwdriver, and a word screwdriver – all provided in a tough, well-built, and lightweight carrying case.


For those individuals who are looking to take control of their cable setup, from tools like these, it’s gotten increasingly easier to put together one’s own arrangements. Test cables, judge wrong connections, and crimp, cut, and strip as needed across RJ-45, RJ-11, and RJ-12 connections, in addition to Cat 5 and Cat 5e cables. Though the average consumer might not be familiar with these connections and cables, if you are seeking to build your own setup, this nine-piece set is will work wonders at prepping your cables.


Successfully prep, install, and test wire and cable in a matter of minutes. One of the most popular uses of the Ethernet Network RJ-45 stripping crimper tester remains the making and repair of one’s own Cat 5 cables. All you need to do this is a crimper, bulk cable, some RJ-45 ends, and a kit like this. Typically, costs may add up to nearly $100 for everything. Shopping with PrimeCables, you may be able to cut down on costs by as much as 50 percent and more!


For over a decade, PrimeCables has been providing Canadians with the best deals on crimpers, cutters, and stripping tools. For all orders $49 and above, we provide fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. That comes in addition to a 1-year guarantee on all items purchased and a free return policy. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy an Ethernet network stripping crimping tester tool, here’s your opportunity.

How to Wall Mount a TV

how to mount-bracket-tv.jpg

There are many different kinds of wall mounts for TVs to choose from and how to wall mount a TV comes down to what selection a consumer has chosen for themselves. Depending on the placement of the TV, there may be certain space considerations to consider and some wall mount types may be more appropriate than others.

Flat, fixed TV wall mounts provide a clean, snug look to a TV posted to the wall. By using a fixed mount, the TV remains in one place, unable to be move. No wires should be hanging from the side. In terms of affordability, a fixed TV wall mount is the preferred option. Then, there are tilt TV wall mounts which allow a TV to be angled at fifteen degrees and possibly more. For when you need to mount the TV higher up on the wall, a tilt will likely be required for view. If there are concerns about glare from indoor lighting or windows, tilts are also a recommended option.


The third type of TV wall mount up for consideration is one including swing arms. A swing arm mount is going to hold the TV from the wall at a slight distance, providing the user an opportunity to swivel or pan the TV as they see fit. This increases the number of angles TV can be viewed from and in larger rooms where seating is spread out, a swivel TV wall mount might make for the ideal viewing experience. The last type of TV wall mount is the articulating or cantilever kind. Protruding a few inches from the wall, similar to a swing arm, an articulating TV wall mount accommodates users who seek to pull out the TV by up to 180 degrees, potentially meaning it could be viewed from two different rooms.

There are many keys to installing a wall mount, including working with a partner to physically get the TV locked into the mount once it has been placed on the wall, ensuring screws are fastened tightly, and checking levels. It also is required to find the studs in the wall to ensure a mount has been properly placed. Installing a TV wall mount without taking the time to find the studs oftentimes results in an unsafe setup that could easily collapse, damaging your TV in addition to the wall. There are a number of tutorials online explaining in thorough detail how to wall mount a TV and there are likely to be instructions included in your TV wall mount purchase. Be sure to take the time to ensure no step is skipped and that the TV is properly secured!

How to Choose the Right TV Wall Mount for your Space

how to choose tv wall mount
how to choose tv wall mount

More Canadian households are choosing to mount their HDTVs, easily done with any high quality TV wall mount. The benefits are numerous – save space, enjoy a home theater setting, and make the viewing experience more pleasurable for guests. TV wall mounts do vary in quality and type though, so it’s important to know what you are looking for.

Prior to choosing a TV wall mount, examine your TV’s specifications. Different wall mounts are compatible with different TVs, with most being customized to limited sizes. For example, with a 50-inch TV placed on a wall mount built for a maximum of thirty-two inches, expect to see the mount give out and the TV to fall to the floor. After you have your specifications written out, now it’s time to decide whether you want the TV to be stationary and fixed or a swivel. If it’s a larger space where social gatherings are a regular, a swivel makes it easy to angle the TV in different directions across the room. If it’s a more family-based, personal home theater system setup, a fixed, stationary TV wall mount more than does the trick.


TV wall mounts can either be purchased in a configuration that has the TV close to the wall or with an arm that holds the TV out a few inches from the surface. If there is limited space, affixing the TV as close as you can to the wall makes sense. The last considering that needs to be made in selecting the right TV wall mount for your space is pricing. Cheap is not always good. The last thing you want is for your TV to end up damaged or broken. If you’re working on a limited budget, the most affordable TV wall mount will be a basic, fixed mount with no arm and no swivel. Even on a limited budget, a consumer should be able to find themselves a fixed TV wall mount high quality enough to ensure it can safely hold your TV set.

There are many pros and cons to different TV wall mounts. It’s worth doing some research into specific products, weighing the features included and seeing what suits you. At the end of the day, you may choose to stick with the more traditional TV stand setup. That said, a TV wall mount can add a strong sense of theatricality and innovation to a space. It’s more than worth consideration if you’re looking to take your home theater system to the next level!

How to Mount a Flat Screen TV

how to mount flat tv
how to mount flat tv

Elevate your home entertainment center by mounting your flat screen TV and instantly see a difference. For consumers looking for simple, easy ways to take their viewing experience to the next level without breaking the bank, a TV wall mount is a recommended way to do so.


The first step before we even get going on how to mount a flat screen TV is to ensure you’ve selected and purchased the right TV wall mount. There are numerous wall mount types to consider, including those that remain stationary, keeping the TV against the wall. Then, there are adjustable swivels, mounts that allow a consumer to angle the TV to where they see fit, and even those that rotate three hundred and sixty degrees. Depending on the space you intend to mount your flat screen TV and budget, one option may appeal to you more than others.


Next, choosing the location for your flat screen and considering viewing height is a must. Consider cutting out a piece of cardboard about the size of your TV and hanging it in the desired location. Test it out from where you would normally view your TV. Try out a few other locations to see how things feel. Look for some place where there is no glare from the window and where it’s an appropriate distance from an electrical outlet. When you have a location selected and you’re good to go on that end, finding the studs in the wall are next. Using a stud finder typically works great. What you want to do here is to locate two studs which will be used to support the weight of your TV wall mount. Mark the location of the studs with a pencil and then, lightly mark where the corners of your TV will be, to give a good indication on where everything is to be placed.


Next, position the wall mount and use a level to make sure it is even. After you confirm the wall mount’s placement, use a power drill to drill pilot holes for the wall bracket screws. Then, hold the mount against the wall and drill the screws to attach.


After the mount is up, the next step is to attach the mounting plate to the TV. Locate the mounting holes on the back, attach the mounting arms as needed, and carefully tighten in the screws. The last step is then to mount the TV to the wall, ensuring everything is secure. It’s always recommended to do this final step with another person to help in interlocking the brackets and preventing injuries that may occur. Then, check to ensure all points of connection are locked.


It’s as easy as that. Be sure to work with a friend from the early stages of how to mount a flat screen TV to the last few steps. By having someone else there, they can help with lifting and keeping things centered.