How to Choose an Amplifier?

how to choose an amplifier


Major points to consider when choosing an amplifier varies depending on the person. Depending on the genre of music and/or the use of the amplifier, you may consider different amplifiers for different purposes. How many channels you require, how much power you need, what features you require, and the brand of the amplifier all matter.

The first thing you want to know is how you’re going to use it. Which amp you buy should be based on how many output channels and how much power is needed, above all else. Mono amps have one output channel. Mono amps like these are used to power subwoofers. Meanwhile, 2-channel amps are versatile with two output channels, have bridge capability, and is also a great way to power a subwoofer. A 4-channel amp evidently has the most options though there are higher channel amps available in the marketplace as well.

PrimeCables 30w class D amplifier
PrimeCables 30w class D amplifier

When it comes to how much power your amp should have, the answer is probably not as much as you think. To begin with, there are two different types of power ratings. There is ‘peak power’ which is what an amp can produce for a limited burst of power. Then, there is ‘RMS power’ which is how much power an amp can produce for an extended period of time. There will always be those who argue that more power is always better. The problem with this is that it comes at a cost and that cost is not always justified depending on how an amp is being used. As long as you are able to play all your music, loud and soft with no distortion on the signal, that’s really all you need.


Next, consider the features. Consider high- and low-pass filters, bass boosts, and speaker-level inputs. High-pass and low-pass filters play a role in boosting important frequencies. High-pass strips away lower frequencies, allowing higher frequencies to pass through and vice versa. By having these filters, you can better mix vocals and instruments to make them sound the way you want them to. Bass boosts do what you would think they, boosting the bass frequencies accordingly.


Among the highest selling amplifiers in Prime Cables’ catalogue is our 200W Class D Bluetooth aptX Speaker Amplifier. This dual input stereo amplifier is perfect for iPhone, Android, and other Bluetooth devices.


Browse our 200W Class D Bluetooth aptX Speaker Amplifier here and feel free to read up on other items in our catalogue. Prime Cables is a premiere Canadian distributor of instrument accessories, audiophile accessories, and amplifiers, and we have happily been providing the most affordable prices in the country.

PrimeCables is Making its Own Outlet Wall Surge Protector


Living in Canada, particularly through the winter months and in some regions with the onslaught of snowstorms, you can never be sure when you may lose power. A surge protector goes beyond the normal capabilities of a power strip and provides a consumer with more value.


Prime Cables is proud to announce that it has manufactured its own surge protector available today!


The (2Pack) PrimeCables® 3-Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector w/ Phone Holder & Dual USB Charging Ports is priced at $19.99, currently on sale from its market price of $69.99. This is a wall mountable three-outlet surge protector that will protect all of your electronics from any dangers associated with losing power or having power restored. This also comes with a universal 2-port USB charging station, can charge up to 2 smartphones at a time, and comes in a cradle design to keep your smartphone safe and off the ground while charging.


Pair this with item that boost your purchase over $49 and receive free shipping anywhere in Canada.


Prime Cables has developed this three-outlet wall mount surge protector with a number of philosophies in mind. We wanted to build something that would meet the highest of industry standards and even go beyond that in certain ways. The fact that this came with a wall mount and cradle was important to us because we did not want to provide you with something to just toss on the floor. By mounting it directly to the wall, you save space on countertops or floors. Through the use of two, you can use each in different areas of the home, maximizing the available outlets according to how you need to use them.


Protect yourself from the damage that come with power surges. This power surge protector has been purchased by Canadians to protect their smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, printers, hard drives, modems, and other hard to replace equipment against damage, data loss, file corruption, and system crashes. Without a surge protector, each of these devices remains exposed.


Please feel encouraged to browse Prime Cables catalogue for more information on its outlet wall surge protector as well as other items and accessories. We pride ourselves on being a Canadian-made brand, serving Canadians nationwide since 2007. This surge protector is among the newest items to our growing collection.

2017 TV Wall Mount Black Friday Deals are Coming!


TV wall mount Black Friday deals are what many Canadians have come to Prime Cables searching for. Our Full motion TV wall amounts allow a consumer to save space in their home while adding a stylish flare. Instead of positioning the television set on a table, mounting it to the wall can help create a theatre atmosphere while maximizing the space in the room. For condo units and similar spaces, TV wall mounts are highly popular for these reasons and others.


If you are searching for 2017 TV wall mount Black Friday deals, you have come to the right place. For any purchases, please use the code PRIMEWEEKEND for an additional 15% off, certain conditions may apply. For any orders above $49 in value, receive free shipping to anywhere in Canada. We have two shipping locations, in Vancouver and Montreal, ensuring that wherever you are in Canada, you receive your purchase as fast as possible. ( Code might expire any time so please stay tuned with us)


Depending on the space you are searching out a HDTV wall mount for, it might be for outdoors, the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or dining room. Please browse through our full catalogue of TV wall amounts here to get a better grasp on what might work for your needs.

TV wall mount installation from PrimeCables
TV wall mount installation from PrimeCables

There are some TV wall amounts that are built to be full-motion mount  providing the consumer with some different options as to how they wish to angle and position their screen. Meanwhile, others are built with a defined tilt in mind. There are also some with swivel arms, providing the consumer even more mobility.


Hang your TV the way you want to hang it. Price-point is not the only indicator of what qualifies a TV wall mount but we understand that price is important. Through Black Friday, we have major savings set up on various TV wall mounts, ensuring that Canadians are getting the most bang for their buck on any Prime Cables purchase.


Though you might be waiting on Black Friday to make that big TV purchase, setting yourself up before with a TV wall mount can help get you ready to go for the big day. A TV wall mount is quick and easy to set up. If this is your first time having a TV wall mount, you will notice the difference immediately on how much space it saves in the home. This is a great item to have and with prices lower than ever leading into Black Friday, now is the time to buy.

Where to Get Audio Instrument Accessories for Cheap

instrument accessories.jpg


Audiophiles, musicians, recording engineers, and producers come to PrimeCables every year seeking audio instrument accessories for the cheapest possible price. Throughout the seasons, we regularly put out instrument accessories for cheap, doing what we can to help Canadian musicians in achieving their dreams. This season, we have a number of new arrivals that you can browse here.


Included in our selection of cheap audio instrument accessories, there are music stands and guitar stands, guitar amps and pedals, microphones and microphone accessories, stage lights and lighting accessories, and cables of all varieties. Take a glimpse into some of our best sellers below!


One of the most popular items in our music stand collection is this professional tripod music stand with microphone holder. Many Canadian acoustic musicians have requested this product to not only provide them with a place to put their lyrics but also to have a microphone holder to record their guitar through. It also folds up easily for storage and transport, suitable for in-studio and on-stage use.


A 20-watt, 1×8 guitar combo amplifier is also available through Prime Cables’ storefront. For just under $100, this item provides not only a clean channel but also overdrive. Any beginner electric guitar players should have a reliable amp like this to play around with.


If that guitar player is also a singer, you can pair up the amp with this Stage Right Series dynamic vocal microphone which also comes with a mic clip. Though this microphone is great in both vocal and speech environments, we’ve found that the majority of consumers tend to use it in live vocal performance. It has a unidirectional cardioid pickup pattern and low handling noise for rigorous stage use.


Some of Canada’s bar owners, live entertainment specialists, DJs, and sound guys have depended on us for items such as this stage right dual-arm flexible LED music light. For just over $15, you get these two flexible gooseneck lights, powered either via USB connection or AAA batteries. This item comes with a USB power cable so no further purchase is needed.


There are other instrument accessories and audiophile items to browse through and we continue to add to our selection with each passing season. Whether you are a guitar player, a singer, a DJ, a venue owner, or you just need some high quality cables, we do our best to provide accessory items at the lowest possible price for all Canadians to enjoy.


Check out our great selection of audio instrument accessories and if you spend over $49 in Canada, receive free shipping on your items!

Time to Update your Display Port Adapter before Black Friday Arrives!

black friday primecables
Black Friday 2017 should be on Nov 24th this year!

Black Friday is coming up fast and if you’ve already made the decision on what you’re going after, the last thing you want to find out is your display port adapter is wrong. That’s why it might be time to update your display port adapter. When it comes to Apple display port adapters, the best place to shop for them in Canada is Prime Cables. Here’s why.


We stand by our selection of high quality products, all of which are available to be browsed here. There, you will find a range of display port adapters, some of which are no doubt applicable to your unique situation and others that are not. Feel encouraged to take a thorough look through what’s there.


If your current display port adapter does not support connections to certain displays, now might be an opportunity to find one that does. If you have any questions on display port adapters and their compatibility with a given machine, please refer to your manufacturer’s manual or please give us a call and we would be happy to have a representative assist.


Display port adapters are highly useful for their ability to deliver a pure digital connection to external displays. Plug-and-play performance right then and there. Should you decide to buy from Prime Cables and come to find out the adapter is not doing what you want it to do, we provide free returns. We would be happy to swap it out for another.


This Black Friday is going to be filled with amazing deals on computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and all kinds of devices. If you want to save yourself some of the stress on that day, buy ahead. Prime Cables has a number of deals, mainly based in cables and accessories that are sure to help a little when it comes time to hook up that TV or laptop. Though our display port adapter selection can be retrieved here, we have a wide range of table and smartphone adapters; VGA, DVI, and HDMI adapters; and HDMI and DVI splitters as well. Please feel free to take a spin through them and pick up what you need.


There are also mounts and sit-standing desks, tools and appliances, and numerous other accessory-based items that might tickle your fancy before the big Black Friday blowout. Remember, for any order over $49, shipping is free as well!


Prime Cables is a reliable name you can trust to buy your display port adapter from. As a Canadian brand offering premiere products across a multitude of different categories, we have been serving Canadians from sea to sea since 2007.

How to Choose a Speaker Wire




There are many aspects to speaker wire that inexperienced buyers oftentimes forget to consider prior to making their purchase. The journey to ensuring that you are getting the right speaker wire for your hi-fi setup ultimately begins with knowing what differentiates the different categories.


Resistance is the most important specification of a speaker wire. Low-resistance, as an example, allows more amplifier power to be transmitted to the speaker. There are three factors that make up resistance. Firstly, there is conductivity with measures how easily electricity can flow along a speaker wire. Secondly, there is length which does affect the resistance of a cable. Double the length of the speaker wire and double the resistance, meaning that the longer the cable is, the better the resistance needs to be in order to get the same level of sound. Thirdly, there is thickness. The resistance of a wire also decreases as its thickness is increased.


There are numerous charts online, including here, where one can compare the different wire gauge numbers compared to length and electricity load. Through a chart like this, one can determine the limitations of the speaker wire appropriate for their setup.


Most speakers do not come with their own speaker wire unfortunately which puts the responsibility on the consumer to ensure that they are making the right selection. What you want to pay attention to is a speaker wire’s AWG number, otherwise known as its designation from the American wire gauge system. The lower that a gauge number is, the thicker and less resistance is in the wire.


Any time that you are transferring power into a low impedance load such as a speaker, the main thing you want to keep in mind is what we mentioned at the beginning of this article – which is resistance. Finding a cable with low enough resistance is a necessity. By buying a cable that does not meet your resistance standards, you will see losses in signal quality potentially to the point where it just sounds like a wash. Depending on how you intend to develop your audio, running cables longer in length may be more appealing though this does evidently depend on the quality of the electronics involved, the quality of the speakers, the neutrality of the room, and the sensitivity of the listeners.


To reach the maximum potential of your hi-fi setup, keep these tips in mind when selecting the right speaker wire for your setup. Beyond that, we encourage you to browse Prime Cables’ selection here to get a grasp on what might work for you.

How to Buy Bulk Network Cable for a Retail Price in Canada


For the times when you are working on a networking project and you need bulk network cable, you might consider going to a local corporate retail chain if you need it today. The sad thing about that is, even though they can get it to you right then and there, you’re going to overpay and for a product that you can find online at a much better price point.


Since 2007, Prime Cables has been assisting networking projects purchasing bulk network cables across Canada. Now, with an expended selection of more than four dozen options to choose from, we are sure you will find what you are looking for from within our inventory. Now, you can get better deals on bulk network cables that will match and oftentimes exceed anything you will find in retail.


If you have never bought from an online retailer, know that when you buy from Prime Cables, if you don’t like what you receive, just send it back. We promise to provide a free return if you receive your bulk network cables and you do not like them. We also have a 365-day guarantee meaning that if you buy from us and experience an issue with any of these cables, get in touch with us as soon as you can. We will do everything we can to fix the issue and if we can’t, we won’t hesitate to send new network cables along to you immediately.


Another point that bears mentioning is those that come to us seeking bulk network cables do so with a schedule in mind. We absolutely understand. All project managers are working within deadlines and structures that must be followed. Getting you your network bulk cable fast is a must. That’s why with every order, we provide priority shipping from both of our shipping locations in Vancouver and Montreal.


Please feel encouraged to browse our selection. The network cables we offer are strong, made to last, and come from only the best Canadian manufacturers. With the warranty and return policies alone, know that you are in good hands with Prime Cables. Get high quality bulk roles of Ethernet cables at unparalleled value, 1,000 feet long Cat5e Cat6 bulk network cables, and more! Better yet, if you have questions or concerns regarding length, quality, or something else, feel free to contact us.


Prime Cables is a trusted Canadian brand offering bulk network cables at low prices, with uncompromising quality.

PrimeCables Exclusive: : A Better Laser Distance Tool for your Home

253ab-PrimeCables-Cab-CP40C-Tools-Testers-Digital-Handheld-Laser-Distance-Measurer-40-Meter-131Feet-PrimeCables-.pngTechnology has provided the average consumer with many advantages and opportunities to replace old ways of doing things. In the home, measuring distance in the past, for example, was easy. Take out the good ol’ measuring tape, try to get it to remain straight as you measure, and do your best not to have an accident happen where it nabs your finger. There’s nothing wrong with this method per se. There are just more efficient ways of accomplishing distance measure.


A digital handheld laser distance measure provides an easy, creative way to replace your tape measure. A better laser distance tool for your home, this digital handheld device can capture distances up to 131 feet, giving you all the information you need on a large LCD digital display.


Available for only $28.99, at a significant discount over its market price of $78.89, the price is not the only reason you should consider making a purchase today. Quite unlike a tape measure, using a laser distance tool provides you length, area, volume, and even Pythagorean within a matter of seconds. It is very easy to use and additionally, it’s far more accurate than eyeing it with a tape measure. Pocket-sized and lightweight, this laser distance tool is a really cool addition to your home tools. For the tech handyman who wants a little more out of their tape measure, choosing this laser distance tool for your home is the way to go.


Among the applications that a laser distance measuring tool has, it can be used for wires and pipelines; the installation of electrical equipment; to frame wood furniture; to hang mirrors, cabinets, and shelves accurately; to install ceiling fans and chandeliers; to find electric boxes, rebar, and other items; to find metallic pipes in concrete; to trace hot wires behind the ceiling, floor, and wall; in general construction, renovation, and interior decorating; and to install windows and doors.


Anyone who is interested in DIY, interior design, or renovation, using a digital distance tool can provide you with some added support that a tape measure can’t. It’s making your job easier and is a technology that can’t be beat in this space. Choosing the Digital Handheld Laser Distance Measure, 40 Meter (131Feet)-PrimeCables® will help keep things easy and stress-free. Enjoy this new piece of tech, and all the bells and whistles that come with it. It’s as easy as the click of a mouse and at $28.99, the price can’t be beat anywhere!

Did you Know how Much Canadians Sit per Day – It’s a Huge Number!


When asked how much time Canadians spend on average sitting per day, many people guess low. The truth though is that the average Canadian spends almost ten hours every day sitting. That’s 10 whole hours! That’s not even counting sleep!


The research has been building on the negative effects of sitting. Any person who sits for longer than four hours per day sees the enzymes responsible for burning harmful blood fats begin to shut down, see their metabolic rate shrink, disrupt their blood sugar levels, increase insulting production and blood pressure levels, and see their leg muscles switch off.


To fight this, we want to get Canadians standing again! Through the use of a sit-stand desk, you can engage those leg muscles and get your body working just like your mind is at your desk. When you stand, you burn up to 50 calories more per hour.


Despite only 2 percent of Canadians working at sit-stand desks, that percentage has been growing. Compare this to the 90 percent of Scandinavians who work at sit-stand desks at least one day every week. We need to get Canadian engaged!


What is a sit-stand desk, you ask – well, it’s a desk that you can adjust as you see fit to go from sitting to standing and standing to sitting within a matter of seconds. Sit-stand desks work because when you want to sit down, you can. But, when you want to stand and gently keep your body engaged, you can do that as well.


Studies have shown that standing just 30 minutes per day can help increase weight loss, lower heart disease risks, and reduce risks that come with sitting related to diabetes, obesity, cancer, neck aches, back aches, dementia, depression, and muscle degeneration.


Sit-stand desks are as affordable as a regular computer desk and is a simple way to introduce ‘active working’ into your life. From a personal standpoint, you’re going to get better work out of yourself while becoming stronger and healthier. From an employer’s standpoint, they will notice higher productivity and better engagement.


If you’re interested in browsing some options, we invite you to check out the Sit Standing Height Adjustable Desk Ergo Riser ADR 26″ & 35″ Wide, the Dual LCD monitor desk mount heavy duty fully adjustable fits two screens up to 27“, or the Rocelco® Height Adjustable Standing Monitor Ergonomic Desk Riser – ADR 32″ wide.


As evidenced, there are many different options to choose from. If you’ve never worked at a sit-stand desk before, give it a try!

What Comes with the iOS 11 – Release Date, News, and Features



This fall, iOS 11 is going to revolutionize the way that people use their iPhones and iPads. This marks the biggest software release ever for the iPad with hundreds of updates in tow.


Among the features are new multi-tasking options, the Files app, more ways to use Apple Pencil, easier ways for developers to build apps that let users place virtual content on top of real world scenes, CoreML which will provide on-device machine learning capabilities to make predictive apps, higher functionality with Apple Pay, a ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature for drivers, a new voice for Siri, and more professional capabilities for both Photos and Camera.


When it comes to the iPad, a lot has been re-designed and optimized including ‘frequently used apps’, the ‘app switcher’, moving images and text, and Apple Pencil among other features. On both iPhones and iPads, Apple is introducing an AR experience using the built-in camera, powerful processor, and motion sensors located in the device. This is going to allow for more immersive experiences when it comes to shopping, interactive gaming, industrial design, and much more.


Additional features with iOS 11 include a redesigned App Store, the addition of indoor maps for shopping centers and major airports in Apple Maps, better home automation accessories, AirPlay 2 which provides the opportunity to customize speaker control, a more integrated Apple News, and a number of impressive asides for developers. Current iPhone and iPad owners are encouraged to download and install iOS 11, which was released on September 19. In anticipation of the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X, this marks exciting times for Apple smartphone fans.


Though some users have expressed disappointment with download times in regards to past software updates, if you can stand the wait, the reward is well worth it. If you are new to the world of iPhones and Apple, and want to know how to download a software update on your iPad or iPhone, here’s how. Go to Settings > General. There should be a red notification badge there indicating a software update that you can download. If not, go to the Software Update section and you should see it waiting for you to download. Download, install, and confirm with a passcode.


If you’ve recently bought the iPhone 8, iPhone X, or have downloaded iOS 11 onto your Apple device, we invite you to take a look through our phone and tablet accessories. If you need a charging or sync cable, we got you covered!